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To protect you as a student
To protect our Trainers.
To provide successful training with approved content.
IMPORTANT – Additional terms and conditions may apply when you register through Simplero and Teachable for our online and in-person classes.

Downloadable products, or shipped products.


The Hypno Academy reserves the right to make printing errors, price errors, VAT and tax changes, and sold-out items, and delivery failures from our suppliers.


We offer several possible payment methods.

The most secure form of payment we recommend to all customers is to pay with a payment card.

We accept the following card types:

. Visa / Dankort

. We saw

. Visa Electron

. MasterCard

. MasterCard Debit

. Maestro

In addition, we offer payment via PayPal, MobilePay, and bank transfer.

When paying with an electronic payment card, the amount is only deducted when the goods have been sent.

Payment is made via a secure and encrypted SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer). This means that outsiders cannot read your card information.

When you shop with a payment card, we reserve the right to verify that the personal information provided is accurate.

We can write down the amount paid at any time - if, e.g., a product is sold out or not wanted anyway. However, for security reasons, we can NEVER increase the approved amount.


All products are downloads and can be downloaded immediately after approved payment. Therefore, there is also no delivery time or cost for this.


Files can be downloaded at the sent link after payment, and all files are in MP3 format. The files must be downloaded within 24 hours of payment. Then the link closes. 

Course Registration

Your registration is binding once it has been completed.


Full payment is required before you can access online content, online pre-course, and live tuition in general. Even if there is a binding registration, and you do not show up or log in to the online course, the total amount is due, cf. applicable conditions, and submitted invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Payment for courses and education in DK is paid via MobilePay or bank transfer via sent invoice. Courses with content through our European Academy can be paid for online via credit card, Stripe, or PayPal.

The payment only applies to the content and materials of the education, not accommodation, transport, or meals, unless it is stated explicitly in the course.


All inline content is available 24/7. If you are enrolled in a physical module, this module will be announced with the date and time on the website during the respective course or education.

* Your registration is binding, and you will be charged the course fee regardless of whether you log on online or attend the course/education, as we prepare your participation when registering.


We only hold courses if they meet our minimum attendance requirements. If there is not enough, we expect to give notice no later than 30 days before the start of the course, and as a result, we provide information about new dates, etc. All registered will be informed via the registered contact information we have from the registration. In case of postponement, we do our best to find attractive new dates.


If you are delayed or suddenly unable to participate in the registered course, please let us know immediately at office@thehypnoacademy.com. As registration is binding, you will still be charged payment or eat arrears if this is not met to date. In return, we will give you access to the next course similar to the one registered or a credit note that can be used for other education.


Suppose we cannot complete the training due to unforeseen circumstances such as restrictions, weather, illness, or anything else that makes completion impossible. In that case, we will postpone the team to be completed in full at a later date shortly.

Privacy Policy

We do not resell personal information and do not pass on your personal information to others. These are only registered in our customer directory. You can have your data deleted at any time if desired.

To enter into an agreement with us at The Hypno Academy, we need the following information: Name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

We make the registration of your personal information to be able to deliver the item correctly to you.

The personal information is registered with The Hypno Academy and is stored for up to five years, after which the data is deleted.

When personal information is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving your express consent to be informed about exactly what information is collected and why.

The director and staff of The Hypno Academy have access to the information recorded about you.

We do not store customer information encrypted. We do not transmit customer information encrypted.

As registered with The Hypno Academy, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act, and inquiries in this connection are directed to The Hypno Academy via e-mail office@thehypnoacademy.com


At The Hypno Academy, cookies are used to optimize the website and its functionality, thus making the visit as easy as possible for you.

You can delete cookies from your computer at any time. How this is done depends on your browser.


All purchases are binding and cannot be refunded.

You Can watch all products online, but if you download them, there will be no return policy whatsoever, even in cases where the description might say so. Remember, all purchases are binding!

All content can be viewed or downloaded from the website.

If there are any problems, we will always help you.

Products must not be copied or distributed nor put on any online service without our permission.


Your subscription/registration is nonrefundable no matter what.

Our money-back guarantee is only valid on listed prices (not for individual discounts and/or two-for-one deals), products that advertise a "money-back guarantee," and in cases where you do not get the materials or training promised on our website. We require that you participate in at least one and a half days to be eligible for this guarantee.


Full payment must be received before access to online content or an in-person course is secured.

Payments are made through PayPal or Stripe. Bank or wire transfer is accepted by arrangement.

The payment covers the actual training and manuals. Accommodations, food and drink, and other costs are extra unless otherwise stated.


All online material is available 24/7. If you've registered for a physical module, this module will be announced on our website too.

Your subscription is nonrefundable, and your deposit/registration fee will be lost if you cancel.


We require a minimum number of participants for each class. If there are not enough, we will announce the postponement of the training as soon as possible, and there will be no refund. All who signed up will be notified, and we will do our best to plan the new dates to fit everyone's calendar.


If you get delayed or will not participate, please notify us right away at mp@thehypnoacademy.com. Since registrations are binding, we will still require full payment. But you will get the chance to participate in our next training at no extra cost or receive a gift certificate for another Hypno Academy training program.


If we cannot complete the training due to unforeseen circumstances, we will postpone the training to another time so that you get full-quality training. In such cases, there are no refunds, but you may be offered extra free training at our discretion.


All materials, videos, audio recordings, and items handed out may not be published, passed on or distributed in any way without written permission from The Hypno Academy & Martin Castor. We will take legal action to stop copyright infringement.

All our concepts and products are protected through International Copyright Protection, all with a unique registration number, and several of our uniquely developed techniques are currently patent pending.

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