Performance Enhancement Protocol

The Positive Programming through Hypnosis protocol is a unique approach to mental training that can benefit individuals in various fields of performance, including elite sports coaching, students, and any form of art or performance. 


Performance and motivation are the same in every industry and category when it comes to people, sports, and business.
The way in which the brain rewards success and provides pleasure stimuli is the same neurological process regardless of how it is achieved.
The question is what prevents a person from fully benefiting from their success when it comes to the body, mind, and both consciousnesses.
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What's included?

  • Pre-course Access
  • Exclusive Content.
  • Three Live Days
  • Unlimited Student forums & community access.
  • 14 video lessons
  • Technique demonstrations

Professional mental training

This protocol will focus on the tools necessary to change and create the neural networks required, as well as on what limits one in experiencing a complete sense of success and feeling okay about it.
There are techniques that will optimize your abilities, and how quickly you as an individual can tap into your own knowledge and wisdom.

The Positive Programming through Hypnosis protocol is a unique approach to mental training that can benefit individuals in various fields of performance, including elite sports coaching, students, and any form of art or performance. This protocol focuses on using the power of positive psychology and hypnosis to create the neural networks required to achieve optimal success and motivation.
The process involves inducing a state of relaxation and focus in the client through a specially designed induction. This allows the client to be receptive to positive suggestions and insights that will optimize their abilities and allow them to tap into their own knowledge and wisdom more quickly.
The protocol also includes techniques to release negative emotions that may be holding the client back and preventing them from experiencing a complete sense of success. By working with resources and goals, rather than limitations or problems, the protocol helps clients overcome their mental barriers and achieve their desired outcomes.

Mindset optimization

This will be the primary focus, on the techniques and insights on how you can accelerate and update any creative thought process, as well as being and staying in your own flow.

For several years, this has been a secretly used technique, which has been used with elite clients, or athletes, and others, both as hypnosis sessions or regular coaching conversations.

The enriching thing is the fact that we work with resources and goals, rather than limitations or "problems."

The Positive Programming through Hypnosis protocol also includes a special technique that both tests and proves the effectiveness of the protocol for the client, ensuring that the neurological changes are fully integrated both consciously and unconsciously.
Overall, this protocol is a powerful tool for individuals looking to enhance their performance, whether in sports, academics, or any other form of art or performance. By using hypnosis to create positive programming, individuals can optimize their mindset, overcome mental barriers, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Unlocking the Mind

The Power of Hypnosis in Performance Enhancement

Performance in any field is not only about physical abilities but also about mental readiness. To reach peak performance levels, mental training plays a crucial role, and one of the techniques used to optimize mental abilities is hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used as a tool to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears that could be holding them back from achieving their full potential. This is where the Performance Enhancement Protocol comes in.

The Performance Enhancement Protocol is a mental training technique that utilizes hypnosis and positive psychology to help individuals achieve optimal success and motivation. The protocol focuses on creating the neural networks required for success, as well as overcoming mental barriers that could be hindering the individual from achieving their desired outcomes.

According to research, mental limitations or conflicting thoughts account for a performance change of 3 to 5% in elite sports. This means that mental readiness and mental training could be the difference between coming in second or first place in a competition. The Performance Enhancement Protocol is designed to help individuals overcome these mental barriers and achieve peak performance levels.

Some of the techniques used in the Performance Enhancement Protocol include induction, release of negative emotions, and verbal strength. These techniques help to optimize the individual's abilities, accelerate their creative thought process, and help them stay in their own flow.
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Hypnosis has been used by many successful individuals to help them achieve peak performance levels.

Here are five well-known people who have been active within the last ten years and are known to have used hypnosis to enhance their performance:

  1. LeBron James - Professional basketball player
  2. Novak Djokovic - Professional tennis player
  3. Mary Lou Retton - Olympic gymnast
  4. Mike Tyson - Former professional boxer
  5. Katy Perry - Pop singer and songwriter

These individuals have all attributed their success, in part, to mental readiness and the use of hypnosis to overcome limiting beliefs and stay focused on their goals.

In conclusion, mental optimization is essential in achieving peak performance levels, and the Performance Enhancement Protocol is a unique approach to achieving this optimization. By utilizing hypnosis and positive psychology, individuals can overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their desired outcomes. With the growing popularity of hypnosis, it is clear that mental training will continue to play a crucial role in performance optimization for athletes and professionals alike.


This is just a brief glimpse of some of the crucial components of this course.
There is even more valuable information beyond what's listed here.


You will receive a specially designed induction that will optimize any client's condition and desired outcomes from the start of the session.

Release Negative Emotions

Negative emotions can hold onto your client, as well as manifest unwanted physical conditions. You will receive a tool that can immediately release this.

Test the Results

You will also learn a special technique that both tests and proves the effect of the result for the client before the session is finished. To protect against doubt, and to ensure that the neurological changes are fully integrated. Both consciously and unconsciously.

Verbal Strength 

You will learn unique tools to "reframe" and expand ideas and the desired outcomes that the client has. Even going further and beyond the success the client expects at the start of the session.

Strength for the People

Learn a fantastic protocol that will enhance any performance for any speaker, lecturer, teacher, athlete, sportsman, creative person, communicator - mention something, and PEP will do the job.

The Power Switch 

Performance optimization, always and all the time.
Give your client a small tool in the form of a trigger they can trigger themselves and use as needed in any situation.

our Master Trainer and Content Development Expert

We're proud to have Martin leading our team of highly qualified professionals, all acknowledged experts in their respective fields with international certifications. Martin's experience as a renowned hypnosis instructor, content developer, keynote speaker, and performer has made him a well-known figure on the international stage and conference circuit.

With a diverse background as a licensed international bodyguard and founder of one of Denmark's largest undercover security firms in the 90s, Martin's 4.5-year degree in photography, editing, and journalism makes him the ideal candidate for bridging the gap between complex and sophisticated content, and simplifying it for modern hypnotherapy, coaching, and skill-building.
Martin's exceptional abilities to inspire and transform have earned him numerous awards and recognition, including the ICBCH Educator of the Year Award 2019,
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019, and the North American Academy of Hypnosis Instructor of the Year Award 2018, to name a few.

He sits on several advisory boards and is a bestselling author, certified in multiple areas including NLP, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and more.

Discover the power of exceptional communication and transformation with Martin Castor, your ultimate business coach!
Martin Castor
Content Developer & Master Trainer



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