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Unleash Your Potential: Redefine Therapy with Neuro-Evidence and Personalized Mastery for your success, sessions and development.
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Transformational Elements:

Explore the essential elements that make "Boss Level Conversational Therapy" a transformational experience for hypnotherapists.
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Quantum Mindflow: 

Explore the depths of your mind with our newest unpublished protocol Quantum Mindflow technique, designed to unlock your potential for transformation.

NEW CONTENT!!! MindBlowing MindBending Language:

The latest discoveries. Discover the brand new art of crafting language that captivates and persuades, leading to powerful communication and influence.

Pretalk Mastery: 

Elevate your pre-talk skills to set the stage for successful hypnotherapy sessions with cutting edge and unique approaches.

Attention-Shifting Patterns:

Master the subtle patterns that redirect focus and guide individuals towards positive change effortlessly.

Neuro-Evidence for Rapid Change Work:

Gain insights into the neuroscience behind rapid change work, enabling you to apply evidence-based techniques effectively.

Inductions Reinvented: 

Reimagine hypnosis inductions with innovative approaches that enhance effectiveness and engagement.

Personalized Exploration:

Dive into attendees' personal topics, challenges, and ideas in our "pick my brain" sessions, ensuring that your specific needs are addressed.

Ask anything:

Nothing is too much or too little. We all have valuable insights to share, and during the course, you'll have numerous opportunities to ask Martin personal questions and tap into his decades of international experience and mastery.

Boss Level THERAPY - The phases

is a four-phase journey designed to take your hypnotherapy skills to new heights

Phase One: Who Are You & Why? 

Dive deep into self-discovery, uncovering your unique strengths and motivations as a hypnotherapist.

Phase Two: Conversational Mastery Skills

Master the art of persuasive communication and conversational hypnosis, leading to unparalleled influence.

Phase Three: New Ideas and Projects

Innovate and explore exciting approaches to hypnotherapy, developing projects that can revolutionize your practice.

Phase Four: Integration and Consulting

Seamlessly integrate your newfound knowledge into your practice and offer high-level consulting services.

Good to know!

All content is meticulously customized and meticulously crafted by Martin Castor to deliver an exclusive and highly beneficial experience.

Explore Neuro-Evidence for Rapid Change Work

Our course provides a strong foundation in the neuroscience behind rapid change work, ensuring evidence-based techniques are applied effectively.

Reinventing Inductions for Maximum Effectiveness

Reimagine therapy inductions with innovative approaches that enhance effectiveness and engagement.

Personalized 'Pick My Brain' Sessions

Our course includes personalized sessions addressing your specific topics, challenges, and ideas – a unique "pick my brain" opportunity.

Four Phases to Transform Your Practice

The course is structured into four phases, each building upon the other for a comprehensive and transformative learning experience.

90-Day Online Follow-Up: Stay Connected & Thrive

After the in-person training, our 90-day online follow-up ensures you stay connected and continuously develop, with individual answers and consultations provided by Martin Castor.
What's in It for You:

Who Is This Course Designed For?

Unlock Your Full Potential as a Therapist with "Boss Level Therapy"

Are you a therapist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, or counselor searching for new horizons in your career? Do you want to offer your clients more than just therapy – a transformational experience that leads to instant, profound change? Look no further than "Boss Level Therapy" with Martin Castor.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is tailored for therapists of all kinds who are passionate about offering conversational-based therapy and desire a fresh perspective on their work. Whether you've been in the field for years or are just starting your journey, "Boss Level Therapy" is your gateway to new techniques, conversational patterns, and methods that can elevate your practice.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Perhaps you've encountered challenges in your practice, such as limited skills, conventional methods, or the need for instant results with clients. You're not alone. Many therapists face these hurdles and may even lose faith in their abilities. "Boss Level Therapy" is the answer to these concerns.

The Transformational Experience

Our course is designed to address these challenges head-on, providing you with well-structured patterns of conversational change work techniques. But it's not just about techniques; it's also about personal development and redefining yourself as a therapist. Martin Castor brings a fresh energy to your work, making it fun, rewarding, and highly efficient.

Your Key Takeaways

By the end of this course, you'll possess a powerful toolkit of conversational skills and techniques. You'll also have a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in your practice. You'll redefine your worth as a professional therapist and gain new selling points and ideas to re-market yourself effectively.

Inspired by a Lifelong Journey

Martin Castor's journey in the world of therapy and hypnosis spans decades. He's learned that true growth happens when you incorporate new thoughts and ideas from mentors and peers. It's about embracing continuous development and staying ahead of the trends and language of the time. "Boss Level Therapy" encapsulates Martin's wisdom, offering you the chance to unlock your full potential.

A Journey Towards Mastery

If you've been seeking inspiration, transformation, and a fresh perspective on your therapy practice, "Boss Level Therapy" is your opportunity. Join us on this journey towards mastery, where you'll gain the skills, insights, and confidence to change lives and transform your own.

Redefine Your Practice with "Boss Level Therapy"

Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to reshape your therapy career. As a special New Year's offer, you can save $10,497 for a limited time. This course is your key to becoming a true master of conversational therapy. Embrace your transformation today.

See what our clients have to say!

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A Genuine Recommendation for Martin's Exceptional Teaching

"I think Martin's style, his enthusiasm, his ability to connect with everybody in the class, his patience, and just the ability to have fun. I really appreciated Martin's ability to do that. And even though English is not his first language, it was amazing, his use of the English language. I appreciated his intelligence, compassion, and his ability to make things very simple. I would highly recommend, uh, for any therapist or anybody who really wants to do this kind of work where you really get fast results right away to actually see Martin. I know I'll be attending more of his classes as time goes on."
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A Stepping Stone for the Future

"I really loved how Martin presented himself. He kept us on our toes, the whole class. It was very interactive and, and it just was real engaging. I've been to a lot of, different classes in the past and this was really impactful for me. I think it's gonna, be a real stepping stone for me to move forward and do what I wanna do in the future. So, thank you Martin"
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Overwhelmingly Effective Training with Martin

"I've been in the hypnosis industry for more than 38 years. I thought Martin was very gracious with sharing all of his knowledge. I thought Martin made the training very user-friendly, and to be honest with you, I was completely overwhelmed as to how effective the techniques actually are."
Robert Hudak
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Powerful Learning Experience with Martin

"I brought all my friends who were also teachers and longtime hypnotherapists, and it was really very powerful for all of us to be with you and to learn your style of healing and hypnosis. I recommend this class to anybody. I can't wait for the rest of your trainings. I really think anybody that has a chance to work with you should jump on that. So thanks a lot and looking forward to seeing you next time."
Shahn Mcguire

Meet Your Instructor:
Martin Castor

With a track record that includes best-selling authorship on Amazon and numerous awards, Martin Castor is a respected authority in therapy.

As a board member of ACHE, ICBCH, and ISAHt, he's dedicated to shaping the future of therapy education.

Martin's expertise spans various domains, including NLP, leadership, and advanced communication.

Beyond that, Martin Castor is an electrifying Keynote Speaker headlining the world's foremost conferences, a TEDx sensation, a globe-trotting International Speaker, and a dynamic performer, coaching a constellation of celebrities.
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Course Details:


The early bird of $1997 is only available for a short time.

After that the price goes up with a minimum of $500!

  • Duration: 

    Experience a Transformative Journey Over 3 Days In-Person, Followed by a 90-Day Online Follow-up
  • WHEN: 

    March 14-15, 9am-4pm pst
    April 16,  9am-4pm pst
  • Location:

    Join Us at The SAHARA Las Vegas and Enjoy Exclusive Room Discounts After Registration
  • Investment:

    • Three-Day Exclusive Course: Valued at $3000
    • Access to All Class Recordings: Valued at $1,000
    • 90 Days of Personalized Mentoring and Follow-Up: Valued at $3000
    • YOUR TOTAL - Only $1997 (Save $5000)

    Unlock this Exclusive Opportunity for Therapy Excellence by Registering Now!

    Option #1:

    Secure Your Spot with a Full Payment of Only $1,997
    Option #2:
    Begin Your Journey with a Registration Deposit of $497, Followed by a Single Payment of $1,500
    (Must be Paid in Full two weeks Before the First Day of Training)

    Flexible Payment Plans Available:
    Explore Convenient Credit and Payment Options Through AfterPay and PayPal on Our Website.
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