Often asked questions

How to use your couponcode

If you have received a discount code, you should use it when registering for the class you want to participate in. When you reach the payment section, you can insert your coupon code in the field: "DO YOU HAVE A COUPON? - REDEEM". See more in the video below!
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Pre-course access

Depending on the product and course you are enrolled in, there may be different types of preparation. For some courses and programs, you will have access to the material right after registration, while for others, it may be up to a week before the course starts. A few courses have no preparation in the form of a pre-course. These are typically 100% online courses with pre-produced content.

How to use the platform

Our platform offers you various ways to access it from multiple devices. In addition to exploring course content, you can also view contact details of other attendees, send messages to classmates, and much more. Check out the video to learn how to optimize your usage.
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how to log in

Once you have registered as a user, either with free access or for one of our courses and programs, you will receive an email with all the information you need. When you log in, you can access your account and the courses you have already enrolled in through the menu.