Addiction & Behavioral Specialist

An all-in-one protocol that covers everything that is behavior and addiction-based for hypnotherapy sessions

What is ABM?

The only protocol that addresses all types of addiction and addictive behavior, once and for all!
After several years of preparation, and after incorporating the latest science and experience, we can finally release the tool that all therapists should have as a minimum in their toolbox.
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What's included?

  • Pre-course Access
  • Exclusive Content.
  • Three Live Days
  • Unlimited Student forums & community access.
  • 25 Video lessons
  • 6 technique demos

Addiction is misunderstood messages with a higher positive intention!

Addiction is often the "bad guy" in many situations or the primary excuse for not getting results or success with behavior change.
For decades, we've had the idea that if the addiction is severe enough, it will take time and a great effort to break it.

The truth is, YES! It requires endurance, but if done right, hypnosis will optimize and expedite the process quickly.
It's NOT complicated despite what you may think. Addiction, and whatever it may entail in an individual case, is a spider web of thoughts and behavioral patterns that run automatically and are strengthened when you try to fight it or give it negative attention.

We have to clean up these automated systems by first delving deep into the dominant unconscious desires, to naturally and automatically unravel and correct the patterns associated with it.
By redirecting focus and energy to a positive mindset and intention, you change the behavior and thoughts that drive the addiction. Now, it uses all its power in a positive direction, with a "no turning back" guarantee to the old behavior.

Tools for communication

If you've ever tried to influence or directly change behavior during a session or instructed the client on what to do and what not to do, then I doubt you've had any good or long-lasting results after the session.

It's a total NO GO to use that kind of influence here.
Instead, we separate intention from behavior to create a natural process of change. One that will happen almost instantly and one that will go much further than the client had hoped for.

When the client discovers their true self and clears the internal communication pathways, they will be overwhelmed by how much positive power and focus they have. A focus that will ensure their success for a long time as they develop their new life and ride the wave of positive change. We use a backdoor, so the client is surprised by their own resources before anything else can get in the way. In this way, we can overload the neural networks for an immediate process of change that immediately affects both behavior and thinking.
After all, our bodies and brains are biological machines that run on different types of stimuli. So, we "hijack" the system in the most natural way.
In this way, we can offer safety to both the client and practitioner, based on some safety structures that we have also built everything on, and provide in-depth teaching on.


A Modern Conversational Therapy for Addressing Addiction and Addictive Behavior
Addiction has become an epidemic in our society. Whether it's alcohol, drugs, medical substances, or other addictive behaviors, more and more people are struggling with addiction. It's a complex issue that affects not only the individual but also their families and communities.
The numbers are staggering. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 20 million Americans struggled with a substance use disorder in 2019. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2020, there were over 93,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States. The World Health Organization estimates that globally, 3 million deaths per year are attributable to alcohol use.
Despite the enormous impact of addiction, traditional treatment approaches have had limited success. Many of these treatments focus solely on detox and abstinence, without addressing the underlying behavioral patterns and emotional needs that drive addiction.
That's where Advanced Behavioral Modeling (ABM) comes in. ABM is a conversational therapy that can handle addiction and addictive behavior, no matter what the addiction is. Science has proven that addiction is not a disease but a behavioral pattern based on needs and emotions. ABM is the premier protocol to resolve it with.
ABM is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment. It recognizes that addiction is not just a physical issue but a mental and emotional one as well. ABM addresses the underlying patterns of thought and behavior that contribute to addiction, helping individuals break free from the cycle of addiction.
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ABM is also highly effective because it's designed to work with the individual's natural learning and communication styles. By using conversational techniques that are tailored to the individual, ABM helps people achieve lasting change more quickly than traditional therapy approaches.

In addition to its effectiveness, ABM is also highly versatile. It can be used to address a wide range of addictive behaviors, from substance abuse to gambling, overeating, and more. This flexibility is crucial in a world where addiction can take many forms.

In conclusion, addiction is a serious issue that affects millions of people worldwide. Traditional treatment approaches have had limited success in addressing the underlying patterns of thought and behavior that drive addiction. That's why Advanced Behavioral Modeling (ABM) is the premier protocol to resolve it with. ABM is a highly effective and versatile conversational therapy that addresses the underlying behavioral patterns and emotional needs that contribute to addiction, helping people achieve lasting change and break free from the cycle of addiction.


This is just a brief glimpse of some of the crucial components of this course.
There is even more valuable information beyond what's listed here.


We have produced individual video demos of each technique and a full session demo. This is to show you the flow and continuity. We want you to feel confident in your execution. Everything is recorded to follow every detail from the manual.


Behavioral patterns are automated systems within ourselves that run on autopilot. However, the instruction with the higher positive intention is easy to hack through influence, so the behavior becomes negative, and the intention is not fulfilled. We can change the behavior with a unique tool designed for ABM.


The final step in the therapy process is something we all have deep inside our minds. Perhaps it is connected to intuition or deep common sense. I call it the "Truth of the Self." This is where our "all-knowing" is, and this tool will provide the client with ongoing insights, understanding, and access to it.


One of the most common things in courses, in general, is to understand the final session structure. Due to our Brain Accelerated Learning style, we've made sure that you'll have a full understanding, and it will even feel easy to execute the process.


As part of my latest developed products, I will use everything within one session to achieve the best possible result. An induction is an induction, and the purpose is to create a productive state. In this case, I designed the induction to make changes and find resources from the beginning of the session.


We need to know the limits of techniques like this and how we stay within the therapy area. We are not doctors, and there are no guarantees we can promise anyone. Ethics are important, and it's your way of protecting yourself and your clients.


Intense and exclusive video package! A complete collection of instructional videos to guide and teach you the content. All made in a way that everyone can follow, regardless of your current level and experience. We love translating detailed knowledge into understandable and straightforward wisdom.


I've made it easy and created a brilliant shortcut to communicate with the subconscious and unconscious mind. Ensuring access to the core of the positive intention behind the "problem." We need to separate intention from behavior to have a real impact.


I've added a small but brilliant manifestation technique. Your clients will be able to use it in multiple situations, and it's a technique that will empower them when they lack confidence and energy to move forward.


Earlier in 2020, I released the Instant Emotional Release protocol, and this tool is one of the core elements that fit perfectly into this model. IER was originally designed for ABM, but was released as a solo technique because of its immense power.

our Master Trainer and Content Development Expert

We're proud to have Martin leading our team of highly qualified professionals, all acknowledged experts in their respective fields with international certifications. Martin's experience as a renowned hypnosis instructor, content developer, keynote speaker, and performer has made him a well-known figure on the international stage and conference circuit.

With a diverse background as a licensed international bodyguard and founder of one of Denmark's largest undercover security firms in the 90s, Martin's 4.5-year degree in photography, editing, and journalism makes him the ideal candidate for bridging the gap between complex and sophisticated content, and simplifying it for modern hypnotherapy, coaching, and skill-building.
Martin's exceptional abilities to inspire and transform have earned him numerous awards and recognition, including the ICBCH Educator of the Year Award 2019,
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019, and the North American Academy of Hypnosis Instructor of the Year Award 2018, to name a few.

He sits on several advisory boards and is a bestselling author, certified in multiple areas including NLP, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and more.

Discover the power of exceptional communication and transformation with Martin Castor, your ultimate business coach!
Martin Castor
Content Developer & Master Trainer



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