Master SoulKey Therapist

Certified Master SoulKey Therapist

The ultimate add-on to our amazing tool, SoulKey Therapy. SoulKey is about creating synergy between lives, past lives and present life.

It is advanced soul retrieval – a chance to know your true origin and how to integrate a direct connection to your soul and soul knowledge.

Healing, frequency adjustment and downloads of new resources and skills are just some of the things you can learn from this course so that you can give your clients a life-changing experience. This program is based on the primary elements of basic SoulKey Therapy with a few twists and extra dimensions.


You will get access to the pre-course 2 to 4 weeks before the first day of live class.


3 days total.


YES, there will be homework each day during live classes.


Free access to our student forum


Exams happen every day, but there is no "big test" at the end. It is our responsibility to ensure that you succeed, so we pay attention to you and your skills and help you all the way.

Upcoming Courses


November 3rd – 5th 2021
Nieuwetijds Opleidingen
Oosterheemplein 2a
Zoetermeer, Holland


We have a maximum of 9 seats in every class


Price is $1797 / €1579


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ISAHt is standard.
Besides that we can offer certifications through IHF.


Basic SoulKey Therapy Training & certification



A Master SoulKey plan is a 3-session plan that builds up from session to session. It involves adjusting and getting the client ready, then integration, exploration and future tools and knowledge.


The Master course is an add-on to the SoulKey Basic training and involves the following:

• The observatory technique

• Sitha portal and healing

• Advanced induction technique for higher frequencies

• Animalistic communication and connection

• Origin of the soul

• Parallel lives

• Physiological and mental downloads

• Calibration tool

• Soul retrieval

• Direct access to higher consciousness

• Soul purpose

• Creator mindset


Q: What is a master course?
It is an advanced, master-level add-on to our basic training. For those who want more and want to get even better, join us for a master course and become a pioneer in the field of hypnosis.

Q: Can’t anyone say their training is the best?
A: Yes, but we have worked with the best of the best in the business, including Michael Newton, Dick Sutphen and more. We have had many students who are already working as PLR therapists and thought they knew it all – but after training they have praised SoulKey as a freeing, unlimited technique that allows them to provide better results for their client. We’re proud of that. Take a look at some of the many testimonials we have on video.

Q: Does certification makes a difference?
A: Yes, quite a bit. Some schools in our business don’t place much emphasis on certification or just create their own certification. We are proud to represent 7 international organizations as trainers and as a school. That means we have backup and support for what we teach, and our content is approved to meet the ethical standards of these organizations. There are multiple benefits including insurance, the maintaining of high standards and multiple certifications. We think it is a must for ensuring a high level of education and the standards of teachers.

Q: Can I see clients after this training?
A: Yes, you can offer sessions that take advantage of the powerful tools you learn with us.

Q: Must I renew my certification?
A: It depends on which one it is. Some last forever while others require annual renewal.

Q: Can I teach others the things I’ve learned?
A: No, you can’t. That’s reserved for approved and certified instructors only.

Q: Is assistance available after I complete the training?
A: Yes, it is. Our popular student forum offers hundreds of hours of videos. Plus, we offer student sessions and counseling.

Q: Can I pay in installments?
A: Sorry, we need you to pay the full amount shortly after registration. On some occasions for early registration we may offer a limited option to do payment in 2 to 4 installments.

Q: Will I learn “real” hypnosis too?
A: Of course. And even more than that, we guarantee it.

Q: Do I need to complete the online training you offer before the LIVE training?
A: Yes, our pre-course content is very important for our live classes, and completing it is essential to being able to follow along in class. And by completing it, you will learn faster too.

Q: Are there exercises used as part of your teaching method?
A: Yes, we practice a technique called accelerated learning to make sure you “get it” both consciously and unconsciously. We do a lot of live demos, and there will be a lot of hands-on exercises. Our teaching method involves “knowing by doing”, not just theory.

Q: Do I get a title with my certification?
A: Yes, as a Certified Master SoulKey Therapist, CMSKt.