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A Gateway to Mastery:
Enriching All Therapists, Practitioners, and Hypnotists
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For Therapists Across All Specialties:
Whether you're a clinical therapist, a counseling professional, or a specialist in a particular therapeutic approach, this collection offers valuable insights to deepen your practice.
Professionals Seeking Continuing Education: Ideal for those looking to fulfill CE or CEU requirements, this collection offers quality education that's both engaging and informative.
Hypnotists and Practitioners at Every Level:
From those just beginning their journey in hypnotherapy to seasoned practitioners, this collection provides advanced techniques and fresh perspectives to enhance your skills.
Aspiring Hypnotherapists and Mind Enthusiasts: If you're considering a career in hypnotherapy or simply wish to expand your understanding of the human mind, these talks and workshops provide a solid foundation and exciting insights.

The Exclusive Talk & Workshop Collection

The Exclusive Talk & Workshop Collection" is a comprehensive assemblage of Martin Castor's extensive expertise in hypnotherapy. This collection spans a wide array of pivotal topics, from Quantum MindFlow and Leadership Development to advanced techniques like MindBending Language and SoulKey Therapy.

It includes practical workshops on inductions, emotional relief, and trauma collapse, alongside insightful talks on modern therapeutic approaches and online client engagement. This compilation not only offers in-depth demonstrations and keynotes but also delves into specialized areas like working with children and online marketing strategies for hypnotherapists. Each session, whether it's exploring the Dream Self Technique or unraveling the science behind rapid inductions, is designed to enhance the practitioner's skills and understanding.

This collection is an invaluable resource for hypnotherapists at all levels, seeking to expand their knowledge, refine their techniques, and explore new dimensions of hypnotherapy.
Unveiling Insights, Fostering Skills – Your Pathway to Hypnotherapy Excellence

The Essence of Hypnotherapy Mastery

Diverse Range of Topics: 

The collection covers a wide array of subjects within hypnotherapy, offering insights into various techniques, theories, and applications, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of interests and needs.

Expertise of Martin Castor: 

With over 25 years of experience, Martin Castor brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative approaches to hypnotherapy, providing learners with access to one of the most respected minds in the field.

Practical and Theoretical Integration: 

The talks and workshops blend practical skills with theoretical knowledge, offering a holistic learning experience that enhances both understanding and application.

Exclusive Content: 

This collection features unique talks and workshops not available elsewhere, providing exclusive access to cutting-edge strategies and insights.

Continuing Education Credits:

Professionals can earn CE or CEU credits, making it an ideal resource for ongoing education and professional development.

Interactive Learning Experience: 

The workshops offer an interactive format, encouraging active participation and practical application, which is essential for effective learning in hypnotherapy.

Flexibility and Convenience: 

With online access, learners can engage with the content at their own pace and on their own schedule, making it convenient for busy professionals.

Networking and Community Building:

Access to discussion forums allows for networking with peers, sharing experiences, and building a community of practice.

Inspirational and Motivational:

The talks are designed not only to educate but also to inspire and motivate practitioners, fueling their passion for the field.

Suitable for Various Levels:

Whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the collection offers valuable content for all levels, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey.

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Each talk and workshop in this collection is a stepping stone towards mastery. My goal is to not just impart knowledge, but to ignite a transformative journey in every practitioner, bridging the gap between theory and profound, practical application. This is where true hypnotherapy artistry begins.
Martin Castor
Martin Castor


Immerse yourself in 'The Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Video Library,' a meticulously curated collection that spans the full spectrum of hypnotherapy expertise. This extensive library encompasses over 32 professionally edited videos, amounting to more than 39+ hours of immersive content. Each video is a gateway to deeper understanding and skill, featuring Martin Castor's groundbreaking talks and interactive workshops. From foundational techniques to advanced strategies, this collection is designed to guide practitioners at every level. Whether you're seeking to refine your approach, earn CE credits, or simply explore the vast landscape of hypnotherapy, these videos offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, all accessible at your convenience for a truly transformative learning experience.
Professional Roles:
President of ACHE & Marketing and Conference Chair: Steering the course of hypnotherapy education and practice.

Advisory Board Member:
ICBCH and ISAHt, contributing to the advancement of hypnotherapy standards.

Authorship and Recognition:
Amazon Best-Selling Author: Achieved in July 2019, a testament to Martin's impactful written contributions to the field.

Award-Winning Expertise:
ICBCH’s Award for Contribution to Hypnotherapy, 2018.
ACHE’s Award for Outstanding Presentation, 2018.IHF’s Award for Excellence in International Education, 2013.TEDx Speaker: Featured at Penn State in 2018, sharing innovative insights in hypnotherapy.

Certifications and Teaching:
Diverse Certifications: Including HNLP, NLP (Practitioner & Master), Master Hypnotherapist, Transformational Leadership Consultant, Executive & Professional Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Conversational Hypnotherapist, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

Expert Instructor:
Specializing in body language, mind bending language, self-hypnosis, advanced hypnotherapy, and communication.

Career Highlights:
25+ Years of Hypnosis Experience: A journey marked by innovation, global recognition, and transformative teaching.

Celebrity Hypnotist:

Captivating audiences worldwide, from Greenland to Las Vegas, including cruise ships, theaters, corporate events, and television.

Content Development and Teaching Mastery:

Renowned for converting complex modern science into simplified, hands-on conversational hypnosis techniques with remarkable results.

Unique Blend of Science and Subconscious Mastery:

Martin's ability to merge cutting-edge science with the art of hypnosis, achieving instant and efficient results, remains unparalleled in the field.Martin Castor's Approach:Playful yet profoundly professional, Martin's methods are not just about learning hypnosis; they are about experiencing a transformation in understanding the human mind and unlocking its potential.
A Pioneering Force in Modern Hypnotherapy

Martin Castor

Martin Castor - Master Trainer & Content Developer
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  • Full access to "The Inductions Mastery Collection.
  • Comprehensive modules covering various induction techniques.
  • Exclusive insights from Martin Castor, with over 25 years of experience.
  • Practical applications and theoretical knowledge blend.
  • 40 CE hours for professional development.
  • 24/7 access from any device.
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  • A Total of 61 Hours of exclusive content and CE hours.
  • A diverse range of content including in-depth techniques, talks, workshops, and more.
  • A holistic understanding of modern hypnotherapy practices.
  • Combined CE hours from both courses.
  • Unlimited online access to all materials and updates.
  • Exclusive access to two specialized discussion forums for each course.
  • A comprehensive learning experience covering practical skills, latest research, and innovative approaches in hypnotherapy.