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Become a language master

Become a "MindBending" master in any conversation.
"MindBending" is a frequently and widely used "buzzword" in the hypnosis industry lately. The whole concept has been bent out of concept and form and is, in most cases, not real "MindBending Language."

Here we have taken the essence of the actual original technique and added the latest knowledge and science to both method and language.

Communication Skills Beyond

With something as powerful and unique as this, a system built into a conscious, unconscious language based on the brain's neurology and the multiplied effects that come with it. It makes the way the tool is communicated and taught crucial for proper understanding and execution.

Mindbending language is brilliant. It's simply the best way to put it. Used properly, it can virtually perform linguistic miracles and create magical moments that transform clients beyond their positive expectations with almost lightning speed.

6 Steps to Successful MBL

Pattern breaking and interrupts

The neuroscience behind MBL

Linguistic use of "not."

Understand "The Void"

49 MBL questions

Reality Strategy Deconstruct

TEC Concept