Positive psychology & MindBending Language

September 5-7 2023

Las Vegas

CE Hours:

50 CE Hours



What's included?

  • Pre-course Access
  • Exclusive Content.
  • Three Live Days
  • Unlimited Student forums & community access.
  • 25+ video lessons
  • Technique demonstrations

Top 5 ways mindbending language can optimize conversations:

1: Building rapport and establishing trust.
2: Transforming limiting beliefs.
3: Encouraging active listening.
4: Increasing motivation and drive.
5: Persuading and influencing decision-making.

Top 5 ways mindbending language can accelerate and optimize therapeutic work:

1: Facilitating deeper emotional processing.
2: Creating rapid and lasting behavioral change.
3: Improving motivation for change.
4: Promoting a positive and solution-oriented approach.
5: Enhancing overall mental and emotional well-being.
In short, mindbending language and conversation therapy use the principles of neuroplasticity to change a person's thoughts, emotions, and behavior by accessing and redirecting their neurolinguistic and neuro-semantic patterns. This allows for immediate changes in the brain and the creation of new beliefs and behaviors.There are techniques that will optimize your abilities, and how quickly you as an individual can tap into your own knowledge and wisdom.

The Science behind it

From a scientific perspective, mindbending language and conversation therapy affect the brain's neuroplasticity and its ability to change instantly through the manipulation of neurolinguistic and neuro-semantic patterns. These patterns are interconnected networks of thought, language, and behavior that shape a person's perception and experience of reality.
The use of mindbending language and conversation therapy can access these neurolinguistic and neuro-semantic patterns, enabling the creation of new associations and beliefs. This redirection of the nervous system's pathways and connections in the brain is called neuroplasticity.
Research in areas such as neurolinguistics and cognitive psychology has shown that the language we use can significantly affect the brain's ability to change and form new connections. Conversation therapy leverages these principles to consciously influence a person's thought patterns and beliefs, creating rapid and lasting changes in behavior.

6 Steps to Successful MBL

Pattern breaking and interrupts

The neuroscience behind MBL

Linguistic use of "not."

Understand "The Void"

49 MBL questions

Reality Strategy Deconstruct

TEC Concept


This is just a brief glimpse of some of the crucial components of this course.
There is even more valuable information beyond what's listed here.

6 Steps to Successful MBL

Learn a simple structure to ensure successful change and the effective use of MBL when done correctly.

The Neuroscience of MBL

Let's go beyond the ideas and philosophy to understand the neurological mechanics of MBL.

Mindbending Manual

You can download a complete 27-page in-depth manual.

Understanding "The Void"

Conversational Conscious-Unconscious Dissociation. Nature-focused coaching, moving back and forth between conscious and non-conscious, along with targeted use of semantically packed words and inducing language.

Live Motivation

You will receive supervision and be guided through the entire course to ensure your personal development. We, of course, want you to be successful in using MBL.

49 MBL Questions

We have created 49 pre-made, safe, and effective MBL questions that you can use in any conversation based on our 6-step MBL structure to create genuine "MindBending" moments.


Develop as a communicator, understand the power of listening correctly, and use all the client's power words with them and against them for optimal change.

Real Hands-On Learning

Get real practice experiences with other students to gain a deeper understanding and execution, as well as insight into the logic and possibilities of genuine "mindbending language."

The Linguistic Use of "Not" 

"Not" can have the effect it does because it only exists in language as a form of