Basic Hypnosis Course

Would you like to learn more about hypnosis and gain insight into all the fundamental elements? We have gathered all the important basic knowledge required before delving into hypnosis as a tool.
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This is an introduction course to hypnosis and is a requirement for several of our basic training programs.This is an introduction course to hypnosis and is a requirement for several of our basic training programs.

Made simple and easy to follow for you.

Based on real teaching and instructions to maximize your understanding and ability. We recommend that you practice as much "hands-on" with the individual exercises and techniques as possible.

Course content:

We have created many exciting and comprehensive instructional videos for you, including demonstrations or explanations of each technique.

Your time is important:

Therefore, you can log in from any device as long as you have internet access and easily track your progress through our modern online platform.

You decide for yourself:

We assume that you want to get the most out of your online course. Therefore, it is your responsibility to review and read everything that belongs to it.

Diploma & Copyright:

You will not be certified on our online courses unless otherwise stated on the individual course. You may not distribute, share, or teach our material without permission or instructor license from The Hypno Academy.


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Bonus Videos

Selected content from the course includes:

What is hypnosis:

Simply put, what is modern conversation-based hypnotherapy?

History of hypnosis:

Get a modern insight into the history of hypnosis, which has helped shape modern hypnotherapy.


What are the typical misconceptions about hypnosis?

Brain waves:

Understand how the brain works and how it is best influenced.

SUD Scale:

A positive value scale that makes it easy to continuously evaluate the result.

Mind rules:

Understand how the mind cooperates and how to create immediate change.

The hypnotic bridge:

An overview tool that provides insight into the progression of hypnosis.

Place of Comfort Induction:

Our best basic induction that works for everyone.


We have created 3 audio files for you that you can experience on your own as a little bonus.

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