Redefining hypnosis: A narrative review of theories to move towards an integrative model

This review aims to redefine hypnosis based on various theories and recommends using the terms 'hypnotherapy' or 'clinical hypnosis' for therapeutic use in psychotherapeutic and medical contexts.
Jan 18 / Martin Castor
The paper "Redefining hypnosis: A narrative review of theories to move towards an integrative model" by D Geagea, D Ogez, R Kimble, and Z Tyack, published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2023, embarks on a mission to reshape our understanding of hypnosis. This article delves into the heart of this research, focusing on the challenge of overcoming prevailing misconceptions and controversies surrounding hypnosis.

Clinical Validity of Hypnosis

Despite substantial evidence supporting its clinical validity, hypnosis often finds itself at the center of skepticism and misunderstanding. The therapeutic applications of hypnosis, or 'clinical hypnosis,' extend to numerous psychotherapeutic and medical contexts, offering significant benefits in managing pain, anxiety, and various psychological conditions.

Battling Misconceptions

The biggest hurdle in the path of hypnosis is the myriad of misconceptions surrounding it. These range from unfounded beliefs about mind control to fears of vulnerability. Such misconceptions are often fueled by media portrayals and a general lack of understanding about the nature of hypnosis.

Controversies and Challenges

Controversies in hypnosis primarily arise from its varied methodologies and the subjective experiences of individuals under hypnosis. This has led to debates about its effectiveness and reproducibility, often overshadowing its proven benefits.

Towards an Integrative Model

The authors of the paper argue for an integrative model of understanding hypnosis, one that aligns various theories and practices. By doing so, they aim to standardize the approach to hypnotherapy, enhancing its acceptance and application in therapeutic settings.


"Redefining hypnosis: A narrative review of theories to move towards an integrative model" is a pivotal step in advancing our understanding of hypnosis. By addressing misconceptions and controversies, the paper paves the way for a more comprehensive and scientifically grounded approach to this fascinating and potent therapeutic tool.

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