International Certification - A professional choice

We maintain a high quality and standards in all our classes, all living up to the highest international standards. And all of our courses are represented with a minimum of one certification from an
approved international branch organization.

This guarantees approved and unique content on behalf of all of our students, with ethics, insights, and facilitation from a top 1% International Academy.

Approved certification does make a professional difference,
both for you and for us.

Internationalt certificering. Et professionelt valg
We are proud to have received six international prizes and awards for our courses and facilitation.
We are represented in three leading international branch boards to secure and develop high professional standards within our industry.
We have taught hypnosis, NLP, and HNLP in more than 18 countries.
Our headteacher has been a keynote, headline performer, and speaker on the world's largest hypnosis conference eight years in a row.
We have physical offices and training facilities in the USA, Holland, and Denmark.
We are the sole provider of international certified master training and add-on courses in most parts of Europe.
As the only international provider, we are offering International Train The Trainer certification in many of our approved and designed classes and protocols.
We are teaching from all the newest science and knowledge related to communication, the brain, and how the body works.
We combine all the newest science within modern hypnotherapy, NLP, HNLP, body language, psychology, and more.
All our students will get exclusive access to our student and resource community to network and continuous development.
Our certified trainers are offering courses and certification classes worldwide.
We are offering various course structures to make sure everyone can participate and re-take a course to refresh and enhance their skills if there are empty seats.
We work quite differently from most others. We want to secure that every engaged student will pass their exam. That is our responsibility, and that is our job. So, pressure is off for the students to enjoy the journey.

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Unique "patent pending" Educational content

Several of our specially developed techniques are currently in the process of becoming a patent-protected techniques due to their unique content and structure.

You get three strong educations you can teach in this complete package.

You get three strong educations you can teach in this complete package.

Two of the educations are primarily aimed at trained hypnotists and hypnotherapists, and Instant Emotional Relief can be used by everyone who works with coaching and therapy.

It gives you incredible opportunities to further develop your business and opportunities as a teacher. Based on some of the best on the market right now.

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Rapid Inductions and the science behind it

Dream Self Hypnosis Technique Talk & Demo

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Mindblowing Mindbending Language Skills

Upgrade your language skills to a mindbending expert'. The world's first actual MBL structure is taught easily and simplified, which will change all future sessions.

Release negative emotions immediately

There is a lot of hard work behind this power tool. Instant negative emotional release, in a natural way. For urgent and permanent use.

Curious about hypnosis?

Is hypnosis new to you, or do you want to build a foundation of knowledge? Then this is all you need to get started. A completely free basics course that will teach you valuable insights.

The most efficient trauma release tool available

Become a trauma-release specialist. Even release severe PTSD with a proven and modern technique that deals with trauma and depression beyond what is now on the market. It's a true international success and revolution.

Did you see you can access our free
Hypnosis Basics Online Course.

Completely FREE of charge now.

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Curious about fast inductions?

Here's some of our latest news

We want to give you free access to this talk/workshop on fast inductions. Valuable knowledge and fun facts you probably didn't know. Taught by one of the quickest and best there is.

Course Overview

Get a complete overview and quick access to our courses.

All our primary courses, which contain everything you need to get started. If you are new to hypnosis and NLP, or if you've had training from other places. This is the category to start up with our content.

Our master courses are add ons to our basic classes and expert extensions for those who want more. It might be possible to register for a master class even if you haven't trained with us before.

Do you want to teach and motivate others to grow? Maybe start a new chapter of your success?

We are offering some excellent train the trainer classes with unique, protected, and patent-pending content.

Exclusive techniques for the best trainers. Want to become one?

Get the best from both NLP & HNLP, with approved curriculum from people like John Overdurf and more.

We are offering more and more specialist courses, due to high demand and many requests. Get an overview right here on how to become a true specialist and expert.

One of our most complete protocols. The perfect combo between modern hypnotherapy, NLP, HNLP, expert coaching, body language, and communication skills for closed or open eye conversations. No background requirements. Full certification offered.

We have a pretty large number of complete online classes. The COVID situation made us very productive, and we tripled our catalog for online courses. Take a look and become inspired.

One of our passions is also sharing content. We have several free workshops, talks, and online webinars. Take a look, and get started with a few clicks.

Besides classes and courses, we also have unique hypnosis products, background trance music, apps, books, and digital content for you.

Meet Our Team

We are proud to have certified some of the world's most successful trainers to ensure top quality and modern conversational content.

Video Inspiration

Positive Mindsets for Succesful Hypnosis?

What does it take to become a successful therapist?Get some fantastic insights right here.

How to see online clients!

Join Martin Castor as he guides you through his methods of seeing online clients and get guaranteed results and success.


Free videos, mp3's, content, and much more...

What Do Our Students Say?

Highly informative and well presented.
Inspirational. Helpful and covered as much as possible in the time allowed.

Sharon Waxkirsh

Training is Fantastic!
Very powerful, creative program and I am glad I decided to jump in on it and discover all that Martin was offering.

Tom Mulryne

Complete and Superb!
Learning such a complete protocol in easy to do steps is great. I liked it that there was a lot of time to practise each step in between live training sessions. Martin really knows how to bring his information in a structured way. This makes it all very clear for me. The online available videos of the training made it easy to watch and learn as often as I wanted. Now I feel I really got it. And my clients heave great results.

Nicole Binnendijk

This is beyond expectation and better than expected, perfect content and the training is well structured and easy to follow. Martin is a top trainer. This is a training that you want to follow, indispensable for every therapist.


I laughed and learned a lot during the training. Martin is a man with a lot of charisma. He is a fantastic teacher and will not stop until he gives you all the information you need and more ....... This is not the first time that I have followed a training with Martin and certainly not the last. Thank you Martin for making the world a more beautiful place!

Simone Visser

Often Asked Questions

What kind of training do I need to have before registering?

We have no requirements for our basic courses and a few of our other courses. You will need approved certification for our master and specialist courses, and also, there will be requirements for our Train The Trainer certifications.

Read more about requirements in the actual course description.

Are classes taught in English?

Mainly yes, only with the exceptions of danish classes. There might even be a translater for those who are not very confident in the English language in some countries.

Can I register for courses outside of my own country?

Yes, you can. We have quite a few Europeans who travel to our USA courses and a few Americans who come to Europe to take our European courses.

Can you certify students?

Yes! We are approved and certified by multiple top organizations globally and will, in some cases, offer numerous certifications.Some might say it is unnecessary, but it is a security to our students that our content is approved and lives up to international standards.

What kind of payment options are available?

In most cases, we require payment when you register. In some, a "pay in rates" option is available. It will be slightly more expensive due to the administration hereof.

We often offer a valuable discount which makes the price attractive and within limits of what most people can pay and afford. The investment is small, considering what you get in return.

Payments are processed through credit card payments, PayPal, Stripe, or bank transfer via invoice.

All registration is binding, and we do not offer refunds but offer that you can be transferred to another class.

What if I can't participate after I registered?

No issue! We will transfer you to another class at no cost for you at all. You can pause your registration up to 24 months before you decide to register for the next class.

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