Isn’t life funny! I mean it…
When i first studied to become a hypnotherapist, it was the full “old school” package with a huge book of scripts. I felt it was so difficult to manage all those scripts, and what if the client needed something different?

I did not feel it was super easy in any way at all.
I also had the experience of clients not really getting the wanted results.
Even if I gave multiple sessions!

Then i realized something important…

“How can I change my clients if I am afraid to change myself?”

That is the question someone i looked up to asked me.
And i was missing something in the sessions. I usually love to talk to people, and know there are so many things hidden in the language of any individual.

I further realized that I did NOT talk with my clients, I only talked to them. Telling them what to do or not to do! And I know how I feel when someone does that to me.
I want to communicate with the conscious but mostly subconscious of my clients. The key to change lies here.

Then I completely changed the way I do hypnosis.

I’ve met some awesome people throughout my life, and have been privileged to travel a lot, even study with some of the best trainers and therapists in the world. What they all had in common was how they communicated with clients and students.

No agenda, no prepared “to do” list. Just open or closed eye induced trance, and then they talked WITH the person. Getting all the answers from the subconscious mind, and then just added layers of techniques to integrate change and test it over and over again so synapses and neurons changed instantly.

My mind was split!

I was told to begin with to use scripts, and I now realized that I could do way better without, and see instant 1 session change work. I did not want to do “scriptnosis” any more. Since I quit a lot has happened. Success rate with clients are close to 97-98% in first session. I then developed a set of techniques and tools that I have taught over the entire world. Techniques and tools that can deal with any kind of need for any client. No matter how small or large they think their “problem” is.

This set of tools WILL do the job – with or with out trance, and even with the most resistant client.

What happens in Vegas will be shared with the world!

In february 2018, I will be in Las vegas and teach my Scriptkilling Hypnosis 2.0 protocol, as a pre conference course at the No Bull Hypnosis conference.

It will be a two day power workshop for anyone who know hypnosis. It is even a certification class too.

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