Once again, Las Vegas was a blast. And it was a very productive time for me as I continue living my dream.

This year was more special than ever before because I was invited to be the headliner – performing my secret hypnosis and mentalism show on the famed stage of the Orleans Hotel & Casino.

I took my youngest, Charlie, who is 10 months, and my oldest, Kristine, who is 20 years old with me. And as always, my amazing Marianne was by my side. Besides the conference, pre-show and post-show activities and more, my family and I had the chance to explore some of our favorite parts of Nevada and get to know some new places as well.

The show was awesome, the clients and future students were awesome and the audiences were even more awesome. Do you think I’ve said “awesome” enough?

My time in Las Vegas was a dream come true, and I hope it will serve as a reminder to you to never give up on your dreams. And more importantly: Don’t chase your dreams. Live them and make them become part of the now. That’s what I do every day. 

Since we’ve been back home, even more great things have happened.

We got offered a showroom in Vegas. We’re one of the last applicants accepted to a huge TedX event at Penn State. And we’re talking business with new partners and investors regarding more business, more academy training classes and a show in Vegas. 

So many things are going on – all proving that hard work pays off.

By the way, since so many things are happening, we need more qualified instructors who want some great future business as a Hypnosis Instructor. We’ve opened up 10 seats with a very attractive discount for a June 2019 Train the Trainer class in Scottsdale, Arizona – but ONLY 10 SEATS. Let me know if you’re interested, and take a look here for more info: http://thehypnoacademy.com/hypnosistrainer/

Having you as part of my team would be another dream come true.