Working with trauma or PTSD is a challenge for most people, either because of your own issues with trauma and past experiences or because you connect too deeply with your clients’ trauma.

TCT makes everything much easier when working with trauma – even without going into the details of the actual trauma. Besides that, you can experience powerful reliefs and change neural networks in the brain for the better – and for life-long results. At the same time, there are powerful new insights and a changed view of daily life.

TCT can do the job and make the changes needed based on the client’s own resources – without fallbacks or the ability to turn back on the negative again. 

Our lead trainer Martin Castor has worked with multiple variations of trauma, including everything from war and torture to sexual assaults, incest, accidents and much more. He admits that if he’d tried to analyze or understand all these traumas, he would have failed. And he wouldn’t have been able to create the amazing results that are possible with TCT.

With TCT you can work with any situation in a very pure way – without knowing any details. The unconscious mind of the client knows it all, and that’s where the healing and release happens.

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