Teach new Hypnotherapists

With unique skills and modern hypnotherapy!

Our Train the Trainer is an unmatched training program that will take you further toward being a power presenter and inspirational teacher.

The first halfof the training is always about you as a trainer – including how to present, how to inspire and the perfect structure to apply to your brain to learn the best and fastest way.

It’s a bulletproof structure and model for the entire training program and whatever content you teach. Using these techniques, you will make sure your students can catch all the details you present to them and learn more than they thought was possible. And the process will be ultra-efficient because they will be learning the new skills in an accelerated fashion. The best part is that you can have fun, be present and be intense at the same time.

Teaching attendees new skills is way more than just knowing the curriculum and answering 80 percent right in a test. You want your students to feel your passion and want the same passion in their lives. You want to teach in a way that makes the most important content the easiest part. It’s possible to teach with a natural flow so that every student will be surprised from one day to the next about how much they have actually learned already.

We want to help you find your inner passion as a teacher so that you’re able to inspire anyone in any class. We want to help you trust your knowledge and your ability to explain and demonstrate all the techniques – no matter what you’re teaching.

The second halfof any Trainers Training is all about content and using the models with the content so that you can grasp every concept with ease. When you’re able to blend your own wisdom, experiences and storytelling with the actual content, your entire course will reach new heights in showing your true passion for your work.

Who doesn’t love a teacher like that?

On top of that, we will make sure you truly understand the content of the training! We have many techniques and insights to convey that are tested and proven through hundreds of sessions and indisputable science.

We guarantee distinctive, unique content that only we teach – special content that is the reason we are at the very top of the list of modern Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching training providers.

Want techniques that make a difference? Then join us.

Become a real Trainer!

Train The Trainer 2019
Scottsdale, Arizona
june 6-14, 2019