Teach State of The Art PLR, LBL & Soul Communication Through Hypnosis

Practical Information

Here are all the practical details regarding this course.

Next Class:

No class is scheduled at this moment

New dates will be scheduled for 2022


SoulKey Basic Therapist certification is required.


Next time: Las Vegas, USA

We usually teach this class once per year, and the next time will be in Las Vegas.



1: Pre-Course - You will get full access to all class content, through recorded class videos. So you can dive into the content and manual, and get to know it even more.
2: Module 1 - Three days Trainer training. Learn to teach and understand the techniques down to the smallest detail.

Additional Information:

If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE

SUPPORT - We provide manuals, certificates, online precourse and everything your future students will need. Focus on time and place, as well as the teaching itself. In this way, we make it even easier for you and give you access to thoroughly processed online material, etc.
PRECOURSE - Equivalent to the content of the entire content you will be teaching. Recorded from Martin Castor's live teaching, so it's authentic teaching and inspiration.
LANGUAGE - Teaching is in English. However, you will have the option of translating the manual to your language if you're from another country. We will approve your manual.
THE EXAM - The exam takes place continuously and ends with a practical and written exercise. We emphasize conducting ongoing examinations so as not to create absolute pressure for our students. It is our responsibility that everyone can pass if they actively participate in the teaching.
TRAINER FORUM - Access will be given to our trainer forum and supervision group during and after the training. So you can get ongoing follow-up, network with others, and let yourself be inspired.
SEATS - There will be a limited number of seats. And there might be a country limit too, to avoid overflow of regional and national trainers. We want everyone to be successful.

International Master Trainer

Martin Castor

Master Teacher & Developer
The Hypno Academy
More information here

Video introduction

Watch our short video introduction of this fantastic Train The Trainer Certification.


SoulKey Therapy is a unique technique that is practiced all over the world !

We are proud that SoulKey is represented in over 20 countries, and we have hundreds of therapists and a collection of fantastic instructors internationally.

Advanced Regression Training, Soul Communication & Life Between Lives. This is one of the most comprehensive trainings in techniques, hypnotic tools, insights into concepts, and opportunities for your clients.

As the name implies, it is the key to the soul, where you can access your information about who you are, what your life mission is, what lives you have lived before, meeting with your spiritual counsel, removing thoughts and action patterns from past lives and a whole lot more. Maybe you know Newton's Life Between Life books and techniques. This goes significantly further, has more options, and can be done somewhat faster.

SoulKey is the ultimate experience when it comes to insight and understanding of life. No matter what the client believes in or has of beliefs - then there are always results. Many that are life-changing for the individual.

This is our most and most extensive education worldwide, with therapists in many countries worldwide.

We believe that the teaching is flexible and the tools we teach and that the education keeps its promises. It is the best tool for past lives, life between lives, and soul journeys.

We emphasize the students' ability to convey the tool, and of course, also their own experiences. The education will place a lot of emphasis on practical exercises.

As the only academy globally, we offer SoulKey therapist training with certification from both ISAHt & IHF.

The main reason for this is that SoulKey was created and developed by Martin Castor Peterson.

Teach and certify your students with International certification

Get the opportunity to teach and educate students in SoulKey Basic Therapy.

The market's most vital tools in past lives, soul communication and life between lives. With ethics and results at the forefront, guaranteeing a fantastic journey for all clients.

More Reasons To Choose A Train The Trainer Course With Us.

Continuous Education

We will ensure that our trainers will continuously be updated on content, techniques, and teaching strategies. Also, you will be able to receive guidance and help if needed. Your success is our success.

Complete Package

The only thing you need to do is to find your audience and students and the location. We will deliver the rest in your name.

We will provide professional online access for all of your students to pre-courses and post-course forums. Certificates and manuals will also be sent from us to you to hand it over to your students.


The Complete package and a lifelong ISAHt certification to your students are offered at a reasonable fee of just $165. Most organizations charge that amount for an annual certification fee. It is a lifetime, and all the online access and work we put into your students. A better deal is non-existent anywhere else.

Live Student Peptalk With Our Master Trainer

At the end of your course, we want to give your students a treat. We will offer your students an exciting pep talk with our master Trainer Martin Castor, Live and Authentic. For a q & A or to deepen the content. A great opportunity if time and schedule will fit the time and schedule of Martin Castor.

Bonus Revenue

As one of our trainers, we will honor you with a chance to earn bonus revenue.

You can be an affiliate of our master and online training and our products ordered from the website. Up to 20% on specified products. You will get your login and links to share.


We will provide you with a robust international network of practitioners, our brand & name, and other trainers. Plus we are always available to help our trainers.

Together we are strong, and together we can lift the bar.

Besides that, when you are a member of our exclusive team, you will always be first in line for new training and products.

Techniques & Content

Here is an overview of the primary techniques taught in this class.


Release of traumas.
Release of karmic limitations.
Find your mission in life.
Recall and reconnect with forgotten knowledge and skills.
Work with relevant past lives.
Find usable wisdom and past life evidence.
Untangle and understand current life relationships.


Connecting to soul knowledge.
Understand your life purpose and why you chose your life.
Spiritual upgrade and understanding.
Soul groups.
Spiritual counseling.
Soul life insights and acceptance.
Meet your counsel.


Physical and mental release.
Physical and mental optimization.
Intuitive opening and control.
Activation of healing powers.
Activation of soul-level communication.
Meet your guides and helpers.
Multiple level soul connections and interaction.


Here are your options for securing your spot!


This price for this entire course, with everything included.

* Registration is binding.

Full precourse access
24/7 Content access
Trainers Forum
Exclusive Online Practise Platform
Individual Coaching


This price for this entire course, with everything included.

* Registration is binding.

Full precourse access
24/7 Content access
Trainers Forum
Exclusive Online Practise Platform
Individual Coaching


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