Here we go again.
The recording of Scriptkilling Hypnosis workshop is still one of our bestselling DVD’s.

Now it is time for an upgrade.

At Newport Clinic, close to Los Angeles, we will have our 2.0 2 day intense training at a super low price. And only 18 seats available. Even before we are announcing this, 8 seats are taken.

Mindblowing hypnosis sessions with flow as a foundation. Martin reveals his outline for his 1 session wonders, that will deal with almost anything, and really show how hypnosis can be done in a modern world. Cut to the bone insights and techniques, and show why this technique will beat any script avaliable, and why it is easier that reading scripts. Martin is called a hypnotic gun slinger, and has a special way with words that will create instant results and impacts with any client.

Attention Hypnotists who are struggling to give your clients powerful changes…
“This One Clumsy Mistake Has Ruined Sessions, Destroyed Reputations, And Ended Careers Of Over 90% of Hypnotherapists”
Those who know the “secret solution” have become hero’s in their community and they don’t their competition to know

If you’d like to radically transform the way you do Hypnosis…and help your clients make powerful changes quickly…in the most authentic and natural way possible…without useless scripts and weak techniques…then this is going to be the most important thing you EVER read!

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