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Save $2000 on this world premiere training if you register before august 15th 2017.
Full certification training ONLY $1497,-

14 seats avaliable only for this price.

We are really excited to announce this, and we already have a location and date for the VERY FIRST CLASS.

We call it C-O-A-C-H.
Castorian & Overdurfian Advances Conversational Hypnocoaching.

Closed and open eye hypnosis, NLP, HNLP & coaching.

Either as a 5 day intense diploma & certification class, or a two module of 3 days setup. Also as a certification class.
SEPTEMBER 11th – 15th – Location: Chicago (Further details avaliable soon).

So what’s in it? What can you learn?

Basically – everything you need to be able to master modern Linguistics, Communication, Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis.

If your’e a beginner or already certified in some sort of therapy, you can all still attend.
We will guarantee you that you will learn new cutting edge techniques and knowledge, that will boost your skills and precense.


Castorian Hypnosis based on Martin Castors creative mind and skillset. With his amazing way of uncomplicate complex structures & techniques.

P.O.C – Fast & effective induction that prepare clients for a better outcome, with great relaxation.

C.E.R.I – Superinduction that works with anyone, and that will activate most senses instantly.

Castorian Collapse – Connect and release any trauma, P.T.S.D or past memories – convert it into resources, without being in or knowing anything about the trauma.

Dream-Self Technique – The ultimate “get success” finale in any session. Integrated future pacing, inner child and dream realization.


Based on John Overdurf’s incredible mind and insights. Brain based learning and development through “open eye” or trance sessions.

Exclusive Six Step Reframe – With a powerful twist. A genius way to perform parts therapy in a more simple way.
Chunking up and down to explore positive intentions and integrate.

Navigation Tools – to guide, pace and lead any client, to destroy negative patterns, and get to resources fast.

Values Hierarchy – Is a goal setting tool that will straighten up the clients inner thoughts and desires.
Find the REAL resources and goals, to uncomplicate their lives, and make everyday easier to get success.


A blend between Castorian, Overdurfian and other amazing ideas and ways to communicate on a professional level, with life lasting results.

Body Language – Read and lead on a non-verbal level, beyond what most people teach. In a way where you can create change and authority in any context.

The Coaching Model – To ensure success, and “cut to the bone” conversations. That will leave any client in a state of change.

Foreground / Background – Coaching technique, that will find resources in any problem.

Non Awareness Set – Communicate in a non verbal way with stunning results, and to overcome any resistance.

Price for full class & certification is $3497
Early Bird before august 15th is $1497

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