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DNA Recovery

A perfect and powerful tool to make physical and mental changes, and recover past positive body conditions. Were you very good at something once? Did you have better health 10 years ago. The body remembers, and the DNA is still there. We can activate parts of it, or all of it with hypnosis. Everything the unconscious allows us to do. To access this training you must be a certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist from an approved organisation. You will learn everything you need to perform safe, powerful and lifechanging sessions. We have developed a structure and technique, that allows you to implement the clients needs, and the session is based on conversation with the unconscious, to secure the best result. Two days of powerful trance.

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Induction Mastery

THIS IS EVERYTHING THEY DONT TEACH YOU ON OTHER COURSES. Martin Castor Peterson is a Award winning hypnosis instructor, and International known Hypnotherapist. Hypnotized more than 150.000 people over the world at shows and conferences. He is the inventor of several innovative and effective protocols for inductions. He works on a high level that only a few instructors can match. WHATS ON THE MENU? The answer is: A LOT! We cover a lot of knowledge an science on this workshop, work with a lot of “hands on” exercises… And we will do it again and again, to make sure it comes naturally to you.

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Advanced Bodylanguage

Become even better at reading your clients, and work on a subliminal level with body language and micro expressions. Body language goes in two directions, and we send out way more signals than we know of. That includes you as the therapist, and your clients. This course is for everyone who works with people on a daily basis. If you do communicate! You would love this course. Using body language, you can read teh condition of your client in a non verbal way. Find their BME system (Body-Mind-Emotions), and either read it directly or pace and lead them.

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Ericsonian Hypnosis

Two exciting days, that will reveal a whole different way to do hypnosis. No matter if youre a hypnotist, NLP practitioner, coach or similar, you will be able to use this structure with positive outcomes. The course focuses on Milton Ericson’s amazing work and techniques. He was both a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, and most people would call him the father of modern hypnosis.

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Hypnotic Gastric Band

Learn everything you need to perform real, life changing and forever lasting Hypnotic Gastric band with efficient weightloss This is a brand new technique and way of working with HGB. Developed by Martin Castor.

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Fast Speed Inductions

THIS MAKES THIS DVD ONE OF A KIND BY AWARD WINNING INTERNATIONAL HYPNOSIS TRAINER MARTIN CASTOR PETERSON MHT CMt This DVD is shot in Germany in front of a large live audience NO stuges, NO pre prepared people – ALL AUTHENTIC AND LIVE 13 step by step fast inductions + BONUS INDUCTIONS. Complete go-through with Safety, Deepeners and Pretalks. BONUS video of my famous Non Verbal Bottle induction. Bonus Video of fun acts and routines.

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Scriptkilling Hypnosis 1.0

Get instant flow, and work with clients in a way that leaves them stunned by the instant positive change. THIS IS REALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO WORK WITHOUT SCRIPTS Martin Castor Peterson is a renowned and award winning International hypnosis trainer, who have hypnotized more than 150.000 people at shows and events all over the world. He is the creator of several ground breaking and modern techniques that really change the game of hypnosis to become even better, faster ene more efficient.

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Scriptkilling Hypnosis 2.0

I cover a lot of topics in this workshop, and you might want to see it several times, because there is layers upon layers of information and knowledge waiting for you. And then there is all the demo’s too.

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