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HNLP – NLP Coach Practitioner

All you are is change – change is all you are.
We are personally trained by John Overdurf. Modern NLP with a twist and a easyness to it, and more options than most other models.


You will get access to the pre-course 2 to 4 weeks before the first day of live class.


5 days total.


YES, there will be homework each day during live classes.


Free access to our student forum


Exams happen every day, but there is no "big test" at the end. It is our responsibility to ensure that you succeed, so we pay attention to you and your skills and help you all the way.

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Why take Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) training instead of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) ?

HNLP helps you to change perspective!

A student asked: “Where is the Heart in NLP”. The teacher replied: “The Heart is in You”. And so HNLP was born!

HNLP integrates quantum physics, modern neuro science, hypnosis, accelerated learning, spirituality, and common sense with classic NLP. One of the basic premises from which we work is that everyone and everything is interconnected. We are not alone; quantum physics and all major spiritual systems support this. In the past, some people have criticized Neuro-Linguistic Programming for lacking a sense of connection and being too oriented toward techniques and “programming.”

HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) creatively integrates quantum physics, modern neuro science, hypnosis, accelerated learning, spirituality, and common sense with classic NLP. In a nut shell HNLP is the study of how our Mind creates our reality through language and behaviour.

Both NLP & HNLP methodologies offer a positive, proactive, goal-oriented and sustainable approach to enhancing performance. HNLP, however, includes a more Humanistic, Holistic and “organic” methodology than classic NLP, which is more technique driven. Read more…

HNLP is the study of how Mind creates reality through language and behaviour. One of the basic premises from which we work is that everyone and everything is interconnected. Read more…

It is presupposed in HNLP that as people we are capable of far more than we think we are, because we are more than we think we are. This idea is based on the knowledge that our current perceptions are limited to how our neurology filters information. It’s our internal representations and states that determine our behaviour much more than the world outside of us.

The humanistic approach within HNLP is a core driver for the professional communicator. Taking you beyond the basics of techniques and a systematic process, into the realms of coaching and systemic therapeutic mastery. Many people helpers move to the paradigm as the humanistic, psychological approach creates a far more fulfilling connection for both the practitioner and the client.

A lot of people converts from NLP to HNLP, As a more humanistic and psychological approach which creates far better results and resources between client and practitioner.


We have worked with hypnosis for almost two decades now. Many of those we spent looking for a NLP tool that would be just as accurate and efficient as our hypnosis tools. Never really found it. But when we were asking our mentors and sources of inspiration, all kept mentioning one name – John Overdurf. The source of HNLP. In our perspective as a real insider of this business, this is the most powerful and modern tool when it comes to NLP. Easy to integrate and add to anything like business, leadership, sales, coaching, therapy and any other kind of modality with communication involved.

If I’m to define the difference between NLP and HNLP, I would say that NLP is more to be considerable as a process dealing with locked processes, and checking a “to do” list with your client. NLP is even more misunderstood in the coorperate business life, where quality and executions is being replaced with online questionaires and courses that should be categorized as “light coaching”. If NLP is used correct, and the instructores is well trained NLP is powerfull and great knowledge.

Then there is HNLP. HNLP develops and evolve you into being a full functioning human. More tools, knowledge and attitude.  You get wisdom and insight of how to maximize your tools, so you can convert everything into development and learnings. Think about that for a moment… If you do the right thing at the wrong moment, is it right then? Or is it the same as the wrong thing at the right moment?

HNLP is always about YOU… 
HNLP celebrates the meaning of being a fully functioning human. All you are is change, and change is all you are.
The “P” stands for Psychology, as in the search for a psychological foundation of behaviour. Understand the contrast between that and Programming, where clients is beaing treates as if they were a computer with errors, instead of helping them with self-realisation.

Why become an HNLP Practitioner?

Life has many challenges. The HNLP Practitioner training will give you the flexibility of your own mind, in order that you may make better choices, for yourself and others. Alternatively you may have done NLP training and still need more.

HNLP can be broken down into four parts:

  1. Humanistic: The belief that HNLP is actually all about people, their interconnectedness, and the potential that exists in each and every one of us to create evolution and generate a more fulfilling life.  When one person generates significant change they affect an entire ecology of relationships that can create a positive cascading effect through families, organizations and communities. We are interconnected and affect one another through our relationship to ourselves and each other with a wider purpose for why we live.  We are here to actualise our True Self with a purpose and a reason for each one of our existences.
  2. Neuro: We view the nervous system as the vehicle through which we interpret what is our reality through our five senses. It is the vehicle in which our consciousness expresses itself and our Spirit animates.  The bodymind is the intricate interconnection between spirit and the flesh and can only be at its optimum when the vehicle is running at peak performance.
  3. Linguistics: Language is the creator of physical reality and acts as the principle building blocks for creating material reality. Deepak Chopra says, “Language is how we create something from nothing.” First there was the WORD and the creation sprang into being.  Language is a symbol of our thoughts, our thinking shapes our realities, as we think and speak so we become. Language wraps boundaries around our experiences and limits us as well as acts as a means of communicating so we can express ourselves to others and create understanding through our communication.
  4. Psychology (instead of Programming): We believe the word psychology broadens the scope of possibilities which will make NLP more readily accessible to the general public.  People are more than a series of programs but are mysterious, dynamic beings generating endless possibilities for experiencing reality.
  • What is HNLP
  • Power of identity
  • Values – Key to business
  • Personal mission
  • Create strong convictions
  • Meta mirror
  • Logical levels of change
  • Reframing the past
  • The tool “Decision Changer”
  • Linguistic resource utilization
  • Future resources
  • Linguistic “de-identification pattern”
  • The art of Perceptual Positioning
  • Definitions mentors
  • Harnessing the power of the subconscious mind
  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Work with thought addiction
  • Memory resolution technique
  • Complex Meta programs
  • How to model excellenceWe offer internationale HNLP practitioner and master practitioner certifications, all geared up to expand and develop personal leadership, as foundation for a harmonic and masterful life. We are trained personally by John Overdurf and ALL certifications are approved by  International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.


Q: Is this training similar to that provided by other academy or schools?
A: Not at all. We are one of the best certified academies and are pleased to teach on an international scale. Our head trainer is the only Danish trainer ever and has received 3 international awards for his work with hypnosis.

Q: Does certification makes a difference?
A: Yes, quite a bit. Some schools in our business don’t place much emphasis on certification or just create their own certification. We are proud to represent 7 international organizations as trainers and as a school. That means we have backup and support for what we teach, and our content is approved to meet the ethical standards of these organizations. There are multiple benefits including insurance, the maintaining of high standards and multiple certifications. We think it is a must for ensuring a high level of education and the standards of teachers.

Q: Can I see clients after this training?
A: Yes, you can offer sessions that take advantage of the powerful tools you learn with us.

Q: Must I renew my certification?
A: It depends on which one it is. Some last forever while others require annual renewal.

Q: Can I teach others the things I’ve learned?
A: No, you can’t. That’s reserved for approved and certified instructors only.

Q: Is assistance available after I complete the training?
A: Yes, it is. Our popular student forum offers hundreds of hours of videos. Plus, we offer student sessions and counseling.

Q: Can I pay in installments?
A: Sorry, we need you to pay the full amount shortly after registration. On some occasions for early registration we may offer a limited option to do payment in 2 to 4 installments.

Q: Will I learn “real” hypnosis too?
A: Of course. And even more than that, we guarantee it.

Q: Do I need to complete the online training you offer before the LIVE training?
A: Yes, our pre-course content is very important for our live classes, and completing it is essential to being able to follow along in class. And by completing it, you will learn faster too.

Q: Are there exercises used as part of your teaching method?
A: Yes, we practice a technique called accelerated learning to make sure you “get it” both consciously and unconsciously. We do a lot of live demos, and there will be a lot of hands-on exercises. Our teaching method involves “knowing by doing”, not just theory.