My journey started here…

My career in hypnosis actually started with a gift certificate for a soul journey session.
A full session where I would be guided back to a past life.
I was in the beginning of my 20’s, quite skeptical, and actually did not believe in anything like this!

But it truly changed my life…

A life changing experience to the maximum!

I know how skeptical peoples minds can be, especially when it comes to past lives. Believing in it, the faith and knowledge. In spite of that, I do experience that everyone that i gide myself, do get a powerful insight from their session. Positive knowledge and self understanding. Even the sceptics.

I did not believe in past lives, and did not consider myself as a spiritual being. More likely the opposite. I was even fighting it during my session, until a certain moment where I just let go…Then I got the experience that changed everything, everything I believed in, myself and what I am besides being a human.

I searched all over the world.

And that journey let me to amazing people and personalities like Dick Sutphen, Michael Newton and many more. All when I studied with in person, and to this day still are friends with.

Not everything made sense!

Not at all.. I was still a sceptic. But I used hours, days and weeks, researching on the soul, hypnosis and soul travels. I found easier ways to perform sessions, more efficient ways, with more benefits for the client and easier access.
SoulKey Therapy was born!

Training coming up in Los Angeles!

April 23rd-25th.
Glendale, Los Angeles

Soul Key is without doubt the strongest and most advanced tool for soul development, insights and understanding. Through PLR and trauma releases, life between lives, healing and soul communication you will understand the purpose with life and who you chose this life.

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