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Special Mentoring and Networking Group Access & Monthly "Pick My Brain & Q & A Live Events" where you can ask all the questions you might have.

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Rarely is it possible to piggyback on the success of another peer?
We all need inspiration and a way to transform and grow our success.

Increase Success

By delivering more than clients expect and go beyond their imagined results.

Increase Clients

Through results and feedback from satisfied clients and word by mouth.

Use our closed VIP group to get in-depth feedback and to network with other professionals.
Enjoy the monthly BONUS video in our VIP group every month from Martin to get insights and mini-workshops for FREE.
Ask questions in the VIP group outside of our LIVE events, and receive answers from multiple people.
Our monthly LIVE event contains a topic, themes selected by attendees,
and an open Q & A segment.
Every LIVE event is between 90-120 minutes.
All LIVE events are recorded and put into the VIP group for 30 days.

You Will Grow, And Expand Personally and Businesswize With Proper Mentoring

Don't underestimate the power of different perspectives and good advice. This is especially true when coming from an internationally known developer of modern hypnotic and language techniques and a five-time award-winning trainer and speaker.

Identify your limitations

Where are your personal limitations for growing and developing. Get insights via Martin Castor's demos and mini sessions. If you volunteer, you will get a treat for your life. Seeing clients, your marketing, and your business. Martin Castor will help you in all areas.

Expand your resources

What are you missing? Get genuine insights into the core of operational business success and deal with clients in a modern professional way. Where can you optimize your resources, and how can you develop even more. Are you willing to learn, then Martin Castor will teach you.

Create value &  success

Know what it takes for you, and create a strategic plan on how to reach your goals.
Get a different perspective from someone who probably has fought the same battles as you.

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WAS $57 MONTHLY OR $137 quarterly

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