Master SoulKey
Certification Course

Zoetermeer, Holland
November 27th - 29th, 2020

Grab This Opportunity !

If you liked the basic SoulKey Practitioner Training, there is no doubt that you will love this!

Even when you thought SoulKey couldn't get any better than it already is, I can tell you: It can happen for sure.

It took me many years to fine adjust this new add on dimension to SoulKey. And let me be clear. Master SoulKey is a higher level of Soul insights, and it is not for everyone. 

But what a fantastic tool. I'm blown away every time I teach it, and the feedback from the already certified SoulKey Basic Practitioners is overwhelming.

Get ready for a soulful journey that will change your life!

The Ultimate Add-On

The ultimate add-on to our amazing tool, SoulKey Therapy. SoulKey is about creating synergy between lives, past lives and present life.

It is advanced soul retrieval – a chance to know your true origin and how to integrate a direct connection to your soul and soul knowledge.

All New Techniques

Healing, frequency adjustment and downloads of new resources and skills are just some of the things you can learn from this course so that you can give your clients a life-changing experience.

SoulKey x 100

This program is based on the primary elements of basic SoulKey Therapy with a few twists and extra dimensions.

Get a Quick Tour of The Master SoulKey

Allow me to guide you through what Master SoulKey is all about.
I will be a profound and powerful change.
If you're ready!

Master SoulKey is a 3-session plan.

Get your clients to know who they really are and what's their purpose.
In life, As a Soul, and as an existence.


It is a regular SoulKey Basic session, with all the bells and whistles.

  • Fireplace Room
  • Visitors
  • Advanced Past Lives
  • Book of Souls
  • Life Between Lives
  • Soul Counsil

And much more.


It is a whole new dimension through a tool called the observatory.

  • Visitors
  • Tree of Life
  • The Engineer
  • Soul Light
  • The Portal
  • Soul Reboot

These are just some of the brand new techniques you will learn. 


Completion of the entire process, and to make sure we cover all wanted and needed adjustments.

  • Soul Reboot
  • Rebirth Technique

All in all, to fully integrate new learnings and make sure the client is forever connected, even when conscious.

Only Taught By Martin Castor Through

The Most Powerful Spiritual Tool Available

With the SoulKey Therapy Practitioner Basic and the Master SoulKey Practitioner you will facilitate lifechanging and spiritual breakthroughs that are connected in a very unique way as SoulKey is.

"SoulKey is not just a great philosophy - it is the real connections tool for souls."

Intense Teaching

Martin's classes' intensity is called Accelerated Brain-Based Learning and will make sure you will learn everything you need.


We spend quite a lot of time doing the actual techniques, as hands-on and to make sure all students will experience the techniques first hand. That is crucial for the entire process.

Unique Content

We guarantee quality and unique content that no one else will be able to teach you. There's a reason why SoulKey is offered in 20+ countries all over the world. And why our excellent instructors love teaching the content.

SoulKey Family

When you're are certified, you are part of a large family. We do our best to continue to inspire you and make sure there is always help if needed. When the training ends, we just started the relationship process, and you will never be left behind.


Yes! We do offer a special right now.
As for now, this is the ONLY MASTER CLASS we will teach in Europe in 2020 & 2021.

"Get a seat while they are available."

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See You In Class...

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