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Are you a therapist, coach, hypnotist and / or NLP trained?
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And it gets even better. It will be online and interactive, with break out rooms to practice in with other like-minded.

This is for professional practitioners who would like to have more techniques, optimized communication, ideas and tools for clients or advice for business and more.

We will provide you with links and login, automatically after you register, and you can choose to buy access in a three or 12 month package. BUT GET 2 MONTHS FOR FREE NOW – before you decide to continue, and before you have to pay a penny.

It will be a monthly session with 2-3 different themes, then practice with partners, and then follow-up and free questions at the end. Expected duration each session is 60-120 minutes.
If there is a session you cant participate in, then you will be able to access the recording afterwards.
Development – success and new tools to from personally and your business.
Would you like the following:
* Learn advanced communication, coaching, HNLP, NLP and Hypnosis skills?

* Learn new ways to work ?

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* Adjusting your own capabilities and attributes for the better ?

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3 Months – $47 per month.
12 Months – $37 per month.

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