A Very Unique Triple Train The Trainer Bundle

Practical Information

Here are all the practical details regarding this course.

Video introduction

Watch our short video introduction of this fantastic Train The Trainer Certification.

Get a complete in-depth look into the core of the content and techniques to understand it on all levels.

Unique "patent pending" Educational content

Several of our specially developed techniques are currently in the process of becoming a patent-protected techniques due to their unique content and structure.

You get three strong educations you can teach in this complete package.

You get three strong educations you can teach in this complete package.

Two of the educations are primarily aimed at trained hypnotists and hypnotherapists, and Instant Emotional Relief can be used by everyone who works with coaching and therapy.

It gives you incredible opportunities to further develop your business and opportunities as a teacher. Based on some of the best on the market right now.


An effective method that can be performed without going into the negative emotion, saving it, or working around it.

But a technique where the subconscious can overwhelm the negative emotion with underlying resources, positive natural resources that will ensure that the neurological networks make the change needed to move forward.

It is a straightforward tool consisting of several elements, but just as simple as it is, just as effective.


Performance and motivation are the same in every industry and category regarding people, sports, and business. The way the brain honors success and provides stimuli of enjoyment is the same neurological process no matter how it is achieved.

The question is, what prevents a person from reaping the full benefits of their success when it comes to body, mind, and both consciousnesses.

This protocol will focus on the tools needed to change and create the neural networks required and what limits you to experience a complete sense of success, and that it is ok to feel successful.


Everything that has been possible for you in the past is still in your body's memory and may possibly be reactivated.

It's the essence of DNA Recovery 2.0 - And the new version is built on the same cornerstone and philosophy as when we first released it In 2015. However, there are many changes based on modern science and knowledge and lots of feedback and adjustments from hundreds of clients worldwide. A whole new dimension that makes the original powerful tool ten times better.

It has been an incredible journey to upgrade and optimize the new version. It will undoubtedly change a lot for many people in many positive directions in the future.

More Reasons To Choose A Train The Trainer Course With Us.

Continuous Education

We will ensure that our trainers will continuously be updated on content, techniques, and teaching strategies. Also, you will be able to receive guidance and help if needed. Your success is our success.

Complete Package

The only thing you need to do is to find your audience and students and the location. We will deliver the rest in your name.

We will provide professional online access for all of your students to pre-courses and post-course forums. Certificates and manuals will also be sent from us to you to hand it over to your students.


The Complete package and a lifelong ISAHt certification to your students are offered at a reasonable fee of just $165. Most organizations charge that amount for an annual certification fee. It is a lifetime, and all the online access and work we put into your students. A better deal is non-existent anywhere else.

Live Student Peptalk With Our Master Trainer

At the end of your course, we want to give your students a treat. We will offer your students an exciting pep talk with our master Trainer Martin Castor, Live and Authentic. For a q & A or to deepen the content. A great opportunity if time and schedule will fit the time and schedule of Martin Castor.

Bonus Revenue

As one of our trainers, we will honor you with a chance to earn bonus revenue.

You can be an affiliate of our master and online training and our products ordered from the website. Up to 20% on specified products. You will get your login and links to share.


We will provide you with a robust international network of practitioners, our brand & name, and other trainers. Plus we are always available to help our trainers.

Together we are strong, and together we can lift the bar.

Besides that, when you are a member of our exclusive team, you will always be first in line for new training and products.

Techniques & Content

Here is an overview of the primary techniques taught in this class.


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Martin Castor

Head of Trainings & Development

ACHE Boardmember, and chair of Marketing & Conference - link
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Best-selling author på Amazon july 2019

ICBCH's Educator of the year Award 2019
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019
North American Academy of Hypnosos Instructor of the year Award 2018
ICBCH’s Award of Contribution to Hypnotherapy 2018
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2018
IHF’s Award of Excellence of International Education 2013.

Certified HNLP & NLP Trainer
Certified Trainer in Brain-based leadership & Training
Certified NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner. Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Certified Transformational Leadership Consultant. Certified Executive & Professional Life Coach. Certified clinical hypnotherapist. Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist. Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Instructor of: Body language, mindfullness, self hypnosis & advanced Hypnotherapy & communication.



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