Linguistics – Hands-On Experience And Wowing Convincers
You Can Use On Hypnosis Skeptics…


Learn and experience what every professional in our field need to know to be a top-notch hypnotist in this carefully prepared, intensive workshop.

We’ve all been there. A client, a friend, or even a stranger say “Hypnotize me” or “Give me proof”. What do you do to convince skeptics that what you do is real and valuable?

I’ve been working as a hypnotist for almost 20 years, traveling the world as a trainer and performer. I’ve been on TV and radio as a host and consultant too. For the last 4 years, I’ve been an expert on an award-winning Danish TV show. My experience has shown to me that we need to build a bridge between hypnosis and mentalism.

Learn to provide the wow factor that will convince anyone. You can be the one who wins over a skeptic convincingly, using powerful techniques that will work for everyone, on stage or at the office. Prepare anyone for a deep trance with awesome convincers, fast hypnosis and mind tricks.

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