Yes, there will be spelling errors, I know – just had to get this of my chest fast.

More than 20.000 people in Denmark, suffer a brain damage every year. They face big consequences regarding them selves and their families in their future lives. A difficult reality, where memory and other functionalities sets out.

Speech, short term memory and functionality is what gets damaged the most from brain injury in most cases. Which means that you might not be able to live a normal life, do simple tasks or have a job? Life changing for most people.

But a new scientific project has some exciting news. Here that have tested hypnosis with people who suffer a bran damage – and how hypnosis could help with memory loss or recovery of memory.

Mads Thorning was a young guy who got into an accident while driving. He got hurt really bad, and now he suffer a brain damage. After the accident, he acted like an old senile person, and had limited behavior.

Mad was one of the people in the project. After the project is done, Mads hold a job and lives in his own house. After just 8 sessions with hypnosis, with a test group also, he was in the group with real hypnosis and does feel quite a change.

One of the scientists, Jonas Lindeløv, who works as a researcher in brain injuries at the University of Aalborg, has very recently published the result in the British magazine Brain. SEE IT HERE

But he asks for people to be calm for the moment. It has been a small project with a group less than 100 people so far, so it will take more research to really establish more solid evidence.
But when that is said, I know that many of my professional fellow hypnotists, already make similar miracles in daily sessions. Also with people who get no further treatment, or who received the message “we cant help you anymore”.

All sessions will of course be an individual judgement when it comes to what “solution” we choose, and how to deal with that specific individual.

Hypnosis is hypnosis – some people say. I don’t agree. Only in the context that hypnosis is equal to being in trance, then yes!. But how you practice hypnosis and that hypnosis is effective no matter what, is wrong.

Remember that here is a difference between being a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist in my opinion. Here is my definition. A hypnotist usually forks with a locked set of pre talk and induction, and then reads a script that matches what they think the problem is. In Denmark alone, a lot of hypnotists works like that, and for some clients that is plenty enough. Some with good results, and some with no results.

I think we can do much better. Hypnotherapy to me is when you have a dialogue with your clients. You communicate and interact. Instead of spending time on talking about the problem, and feed that with negative energy, I think it is more important to find the positive resources in the negatives, and create a great set of positive expectation. Also spend some time investigating how things were before the injury happened. To build positive reference. That is how I work with my DNA Recovery Protocol (check it out). And to keep a forever lasting result, you have to remember to release negative triggers, find the resources, collapse traumas to skills and new resources to make sure the “problem” is not just hidden away for the moment.

Doing that, your will light up the brain with neurons that fire off, recreate or create synapses that works better – and then the client WILL change for the better. That is the least we should do.

Basically, I believe that clients knows all they need to know. That have the answers inside. Either in the unconscious or as a gut feeling. Our job as professionals is to get them there, create it with them in their new improved reality with their own words. Founded on their lives and experiences. NO script can do that or even get close to that. I know you know this.

That is why there is a difference in how you help your clients, and the difference matters. It is all about the client.. Not you.

This is how I work, and how I teach my students to practice in – Brain incurs, pain, trauma.. Doesn’t matter.. We still do it very effective in few sessions.

A small applause from me, regarding the project – IScript-killing hope it leads to something larger so we have even more scientific evidence.

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