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No exact date scheduled yet.

The next class will be at HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas 2022, July 26-27 2022 as post conference workshop.

Registration Requirements:

Hypnosis Certification Required


The live in-person class is a special two day course, plus required online pre-course..

The online pre-course may vary and can be accessed a few weeks before the live class starts.

The Online Course access is based on past class recordings, with all content and full manual.

1: ONLINE PRE-COURSE - About two days of content, you can access and complete at your own speed as long as you have completed it before the first day of the live class.
2: LIVE - Two days of live teaching depends on the final setup, density, and location.

Additional Information:

PRECOURSEJust about two dayS of content. You are required to complete this before either the online or live class starts.
EXAM - We are continuously examining you, but not in a traditional way. We want you to feel safe and comfortable, and it is our job to make sure you succeed as long as you follow the class and exercise requirements. We guarantee yo7 will pass as long as you follow the instructions.
STUDENT FORUM - You will get access to our main student forum, our International Student forum, and our community of skilled and helpful colleagues.
SEATS/SPOTS - In every class, we have both a minimum seats requirement as well as a maximum seat requirement. This is because we want to optimize the student experience, make sure everyone will get in-depth knowledge and attention, and create a balance and diversity for exercises.
There are no requirements in our online classes.

Head Trainer & Developer:

Martin Castor

Master Teacher & Developer
The Hypno Academy

Full Bio HERE

Video introduction

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Gastric Hypnosis with the Balloon Method.

Quality of life is the keyword in this method.

Modern language and cutting-edge techniques, with practical in-depth change work that ensures every client's results. Freeing weight is about much more than just kilos. It is a healthy and happy mind and a solid and energetic body that works based on a healthy mindset and new behaviors.

No more "old school" tricks, imaginary surgery, sound effects, and convincers. Instead, we build trust between mind and body with modern conversation-based techniques based on science and unique forms of therapy.

The Balloon Method is a 3-session program with guaranteed change.

It's about much more than just kilos!

Who said therapy couldn't be fun? Not us at all!

Martin Castor has developed a process that works on several levels for the client.

A therapy model that motivates and gives courage to the client can come beyond just focusing on releasing weight.

Techniques & Content

Here is an overview of the primary techniques taught in this class.

Complete manual
Video demonstrations
Complete three sessions outline
Instruction package
BallonBuddies Treats forum
Pretalk psychology
A good pretalk is the key to success. We will teach you a perfect structure containing positive psychology.
MindBending Language for session use
Get the insights and secrets behind modern "mind-bending" language to create ongoing change throughout the session.
Specialized Induction
We have developed an induction that will boost the result even more and ensure that your client is ready from the start. It activates senses, communication, and perfect trance, even by clients who show resistance. It's all built on a foundation of natural processes and the client's resources.
C&R Release Method
We have a 2-way method. One is if trauma is the cause of the client's condition, and the other is a method of releasing a physical trauma in case of resistance or discomfort.
Behavioral Generator
Behavior is often quite a challenge when it comes to eating. With our "Behavior Generator," we can create a natural behavior around eating habits. With wise decisions, courage, and a strong will for the future. All based on the client's inner desires.
Balloon Trigger
We need a new "friendship" with the body. This method optimizes how the brain and consciousness recognize the first signals of being full and when there is real hunger. It accelerates metabolism and nutrient detection.
AC Integration Method
An ingenious integration and testing tool for future success and instant acceptance of the change. It is a way in which mistrust can be replaced by trust via a few simple steps and an all-around "feel good" experience.
Focus Booster
What if? This is a typical question many clients ask about the time after the session. To ensure that they trust themselves and the process, In all situations, we have developed a method that can create instant four ag behavior change based on all the assets that were installed during the session itself.


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Full Pre-course access.
Complete manual - Instant download.
Access to all lectures online & live.
Unlimited Student forums & community access.
Personal mentoring during live classes and events.
Hands-on exercises and in depth demo's
ISAHt Certification


Register now!
Registration is binding!

Full Pre-course access.
Complete manual - Instant download.
Access to all lectures online & live.
Unlimited Student forums & community access.
Personal mentoring during live classes and events.
Hands-on exercises and in depth demo's
BONUS: Group Online Follow up event.
ISAHt Certification


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Martin Castor

Head of Trainings & Development

ACHE Boardmember, and chair of Marketing & Conference - link
Advisory Boardmember of ICBCH - link
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Best-selling author på Amazon july 2019

ICBCH's Educator of the year Award 2019
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019
North American Academy of Hypnosos Instructor of the year Award 2018
ICBCH’s Award of Contribution to Hypnotherapy 2018
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2018
IHF’s Award of Excellence of International Education 2013.

Certified HNLP & NLP Trainer
Certified Trainer in Brain-based leadership & Training
Certified NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner. Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Certified Transformational Leadership Consultant. Certified Executive & Professional Life Coach. Certified clinical hypnotherapist. Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist. Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Instructor of: Body language, mindfullness, self hypnosis & advanced Hypnotherapy & communication.



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