DNA Recovery

DNA Recovery

This training program offers a complete protocol for working with pain relief and physical changes. This is everything you need for this important work in a single package so that you can help your clients who need this or want something extra for creating or reestablishing optimal body condition.


The Workshop is recorded over two days of LIVE training


Free access to our student forum


Not available on online courses


Available 24/7


Price is $497


Not available at the moment


We do not offer certifications on online courses.


For anyone with hypnosis knowledge or background.

Only licensed and certified hypnotherapists can offer this tool to clients.



This is a perfect and powerful tool for creating positive physiological and psychological changes and to re-establish previous optimal conditions in your body.

Did you feel awesome during a specific period of your life or was there something you were particularly good at in the past? Was your health better 10 years ago? Your body and your DNA remember this optimal state, and parts of it – if not all of it – can be reactivated.

We’ve developed a structure and technique that allows you to implement everything that your client needs, and most of the session is based on unconscious communication to get the best results.

What is the content?

This course is for professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists and provides an add-on tool for better results with clients. Among the things you’ll learn are:

Induction techniques – Gain tools for perfect trance to secure optimal results within the session.

Pretalk – Learn to reframe and get the best resources from your client.

Pain relief – Understand how to turn pain down, neutralize it or change the pain signals.

Physiological optimization – See how to recall and activate past “prime peaks”.

Reframing – See how to get resources from all limitations or negative thoughts and experiences.

Release techniques – Pick up instant release and positive physiological implementation methods.

Deepening techniques – Learn to maintain and empower the trance throughout the session.

Hypnotic Flow – Find out how to create your flow and work without scripts or other limiting resources.

Powerwords – Consider how to use emotionally layered words with or against your client.

Techniques – Learn therapeutic techniques that allow you to help at least 95 percent of clients who through to you.


Q: Are the online courses the same as a “live” training?
A: Not at all. The online courses gives you some insight into the course, but they’re “raw” content from a live event. We can’t monitor you or make sure you understand any of the program’s key concepts.

Q: Can I see clients after this training?
A: Yes, you can offer sessions that take advantage of the powerful tools you learn with us.

Q: Can I teach others the things I’ve learned?
A: No, you can’t. That’s reserved for approved and certified instructors only.

Q: Is assistance available after I complete the training?
A: Yes, it is. Our popular student forum offers hundreds of hours of videos. Plus, we offer student sessions and counseling.