Castorian & Overdurfian Advanced Conversational Hypnocoaching

Practical Information

Here are all the practical details regarding this course.

Next Class:

Expected sep/oct 2022

Der er ikke planlagt live hold pt.

Specific dates will be available soon.


You will need a minimum of an approved international certification as a C:O:A:C:H Practitioner. If you don't have it yet, get in touch with us. We can set the perfect package for you, with everything included, so that you will be ready for his class in no time.


Sonesta Suites Scottsdale
Gainey Ranch, Phoenix, AZ - USA

We usually teach our Train The Trainer Certification classes at our preferred location in Scottsdale, AZ.

This gives every student time to reflect, deepen the focus of the content, and secure a complete knowledge experience. The social aspect for exercises, networking is also important to us.

True retreat style, better for your body and mind, and future success.

The Resort

We are offered special rates, which usually vary between $109-$159 per night. Which is is very cheap considering what you get in the package.
Breakfast included.
"Evening snack buffet" included.
Free Shuttleservice.
Free access to pool and gym.
Free WiFi.
Free parking.
Afternoon cookies.
It is located in a nice neighborhood with shops, supermarkets, and restaurants.
Only two hours from Sedona.



1: Pre-Course - You will get full access to all class content, through recorded class videos. So you can dive into the content and manual, and get to know it even more.
2: Module 1 - Presenter skills - We will teach you a very efficient system for teaching and optimize your presenter skills based on true passion and inspiration.
3: One day off You need this! Most people drive to Sedona for a day trip to bond and clear the head. You can study, relax or just hang by the pool too.
4: Module 2 - Class Content We have made an excellent manual with unique and state-of-the-art content. Therapy on a new level. It is crucial to us that you know this, more than just reading from the manual. You will get a deep insight into why, how, and the science behind every tool.

Additional Information:

If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE

SUPPORT - We provide manuals, certificates, online precourse and everything your future students will need. Focus on time and place, as well as the teaching itself. In this way, we make it even easier for you and give you access to thoroughly processed online material, etc.
PRECOURSE - Equivalent to the content of the entire content you will be teaching. Recorded from Martin Castor's live teaching, so it's authentic teaching and inspiration.
LANGUAGE - Teaching is in English. However, you will have the option of translating the manual to your language if you're from another country. We will approve your manual.
THE EXAM - The exam takes place continuously and ends with a practical and written exercise. We emphasize conducting ongoing examinations so as not to create absolute pressure for our students. It is our responsibility that everyone can pass if they actively participate in the teaching.
TRAINER FORUM - Access will be given to our trainer forum and supervision group during and after the training. So you can get ongoing follow-up, network with others, and let yourself be inspired.
SEATS - There will be a limited number of seats. And there might be a country limit too, to avoid overflow of regional and national trainers. We want everyone to be successful.

International Master Trainer

Martin Castor

Master Teacher & Developer
The Hypno Academy
More information here

Video introduction

Watch our short video introduction of this fantastic Train The Trainer Certification.


Module One
Power Presenting

This is our ITPT module where you will find your inner power presenter, with modern and exclusive teaching & presenting techniques that will fascinate any audience.

Incredible Teaching & Presenting Techniques

For years, we have taught some of the best teacher, presenter, and hypnosis instructors out there. Based on innovative ideas and science on how to fascinate and store information in the brain. How to show efficient and fantastic demo's in front of your audience. And most of our unique techniques have shaped the modern teaching landscape internationally.

We have recently compressed and updated some of the most essential techniques. And with some passion and methodology, we have structured and laid out a safe and empowering system to ensure your students will learn in the most optimized way possible.

Imagine how it will be to feel completely free and in abundance with the entire content.

How to flawlessly be able to demonstrate clean techniques on the go.

And how to manage any audience through professionalism and passion. To shine as a teacher, presenter, and professional.

You can utilize all techniques in any teaching environment, public speak, presentation, or performance. It is essential to you and the people being inspired by you.

A necessary set of ultimate skills that, until now, only a few professionals have used consciously.


Part Two
Curriculum Content

This entire module will be a four-day course to ensure everyone gets a complete understanding and can digest all the ideas and methods. We will split it up even more, to ensure you feel safe when teaching is based on knowledge and experience.

Your future classes as a teacher will have a duration of five to six days for you to cover all content.

It's no secret that this is our most "action-packed" training, with many great opportunities afterward. Your students learn to work with anyone in a classic "closed-eye" therapy and hypnosis style, and they can work with "open-eye" sessions through assertive communication based on several skills and structures.

Trance is always there, not in the old-school hypnosis fashion but through some simple question processes that easily take your clients into a trance, even if they are resistant. The client doesn't have to know when your students do this or that they only work with them and for them.

Your students will also get great tools for corporate work, like optimizing online resources and external communication, plus modern, brain-based, and emotional goal-setting that empower success. They can help CEOs, employees, and everyone in the workplace with new strategies and better positive thinking skills that will allow them to overcome limiting beliefs and behavior, get and enjoy success and be an authentic leader and strong individual.

The mix between high-class hypnotherapy techniques, modern and powerful coaching, and pioneering NLP and HNLP concepts gives you extreme diversity in approaching any situation so you can help people who need and want to be helped.

The non-corporate clients will get powerful tools and advances to apply to their personal lives and other aspects of life. Your clients could even be elite sports, music, or acting performers who want to be better at what they do.

C:O:A:C:H contains new and groundbreaking skills that can release any trauma, no matter the origin. It has proven to have a great success rate in severe PTSD clients, for example, and can help optimize actions of the physiological body.

Through the skills your students learn in this course, they will be able to perfect your communication skills so they will never have to read a script during a session, giving them the power to be present and always lead and guide their clients.

This is the only training program available anywhere that combines the best from several therapy worlds into a fluent and fluid technique that will feel easy for any C:O:A:C:H Practitioner. It goes beyond Hypnotherapy, NLP, and coaching to something more and better – and ensures fast and lasting results.

More Reasons To Choose A Train The Trainer Course With Us.

Continuous Education

We will ensure that our trainers will continuously be updated on content, techniques, and teaching strategies. Also, you will be able to receive guidance and help if needed. Your success is our success.

Complete Package

The only thing you need to do is to find your audience and students and the location. We will deliver the rest in your name.

We will provide professional online access for all of your students to pre-courses and post-course forums. Certificates and manuals will also be sent from us to you to hand it over to your students.


The Complete package and a lifelong ISAHt certification to your students are offered at a reasonable fee of just $165. Most organizations charge that amount for an annual certification fee. It is a lifetime, and all the online access and work we put into your students. A better deal is non-existent anywhere else.

Live Student Peptalk With Our Master Trainer

At the end of your course, we want to give your students a treat. We will offer your students an exciting pep talk with our master Trainer Martin Castor, Live and Authentic. For a q & A or to deepen the content. A great opportunity if time and schedule will fit the time and schedule of Martin Castor.

Bonus Revenue

As one of our trainers, we will honor you with a chance to earn bonus revenue.

You can be an affiliate of our master and online training and our products ordered from the website. Up to 20% on specified products. You will get your login and links to share.


We will provide you with a robust international network of practitioners, our brand & name, and other trainers. Plus we are always available to help our trainers.

Together we are strong, and together we can lift the bar.

Besides that, when you are a member of our exclusive team, you will always be first in line for new training and products.

Techniques & Content You Will Know
And Will Be Teaching!

Here's an overview of what you will be able to teach when certified.


Castorian Hypnosis is based on Martin Castor's creative mind and skill set. With his fantastic way of uncomplicating complex structures & techniques and communication flow.
Fast & effective induction that prepare clients for a better outcome, with great relaxation.
Superinduction that works with anyone, and that will activate most senses instantly.
Castorian Collapse
Connect and release any trauma, P.T.S.D or past memories – convert it into resources, without being in or knowing anything about the trauma.
Dream-Self Technique
The ultimate “get success” finale in any session. Integrated future pacing, inner child and dream realization.


Based on John Overdurf's incredible mind and insights and unique twists from Martin Castor. Brain-based learning and development through "open eye" or trance sessions.
Exclusive Six Step Reframe
With a powerful twist. A genius way to perform parts therapy more simply.
Chunking up and down to explore positive intentions and integrate.
Navigation Tool
An amazing way to guide, pace, and lead any client, destroy negative patterns, and get to resources fast.
Values Hierarchy
Is a goal setting tool that will straighten up the clients inner thoughts and desires.
Find the REAL resources and goals, to uncomplicate their lives, and make everyday easier to get success.


A blend between Castorian, Overdurfian, and other unique ideas and ways to communicate professionally, with life-lasting results.
Body Language
Read and lead on a non-verbal level, beyond what most people teach in a way where you can create change and authority in any context.
The Coaching ModelTo ensure success and “cut to the bone” conversations. That will leave any client in a state of change.
Foreground / Background
Coaching technique that will find resources in any problem.
Non Awareness Set
Communicate in a nonverbal way with stunning results and overcome any resistance.


Here are your options for securing your spot!


This price for this entire course, with everything included.

Approximately € 4270
Register your seat now, pay later.

* Registration is binding.

Full precourse access
24/7 Content access
Trainers Forum
Exclusive Online Practise Platform
Individual Coaching


This price for this entire course, with everything included.

Approximately € 3000
Register your seat now. Pay later.

* Registration is binding.

Full precourse access
24/7 Content access
Trainers Forum
Exclusive Online Practise Platform
Individual Coaching


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Martin Castor

Head of Trainings & Development

ACHE Boardmember, and chair of Marketing & Conference - link
Advisory Boardmember of ICBCH - link
Advisory Boardmember of ISAHt - link

Best-selling author på Amazon july 2019

ICBCH's Educator of the year Award 2019
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019
North American Academy of Hypnosos Instructor of the year Award 2018
ICBCH’s Award of Contribution to Hypnotherapy 2018
ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2018
IHF’s Award of Excellence of International Education 2013.

Certified HNLP & NLP Trainer
Certified Trainer in Brain-based leadership & Training
Certified NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner. Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Certified Transformational Leadership Consultant. Certified Executive & Professional Life Coach. Certified clinical hypnotherapist. Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist. Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Instructor of: Body language, mindfullness, self hypnosis & advanced Hypnotherapy & communication.



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