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We are ready in holland January 16th-19th!

If you are a certified COACH Practitioner, you can jump right on!
If not, we have a special package for you. But it is the last call!

Sign up now, but wait with payment until January 12th.
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Castorian Hypnosis based on Martin Castors creative mind and skillset. With his amazing way of uncomplicate complex structures & techniques.

  • peak performance State
  • Pain management
  • Advanced Parts Therapy
  • Hypnotic language & conversation

Based on John Overdurf’s incredible mind and insights. Brain-based learning and development through “open eye” or trance sessions.

  • Perceptual Position Reframe
  • Problem Dissolve
  • Alignment Therapy
  • Emotional healing
  • Drop Through Technique

A blend between Castorian, Overdurfian and other amazing ideas and ways to communicate on a professional level, with life-lasting results.

  • Visual Squash
  • Re-Imprint Method
  • Logical Levels of Therapy
  • Advanced use of the Coaching Model