Even tricky times are good for something!

For many people, the most of 2020 has been difficult. 

All my travel plans, conferences, shows, and talks worldwide were put to a complete stop due to travel restrictions.

Instead of being passive or attend the stress that many people surrounded them with, I focused on a different approach.

I was supposed to give a few talks this summer on Performance Enhancement and how to instantly relieve Negative emotions.

It was only meant to be a small workshop and a talk.

Since I had a lot more time and started to dive into my archives, notes, and researching, I caught myself creating way more than just some ideas for a few talks.

I got hooked, hooked on previous results and insights. And I used all that material for brand new content.

Content that I have tested with amazing results.

This was the birth of two brand new and game-changing protocols that has everything included. And yes, I mean EVERYTHING!

And by the way, did I say that all of it is brand new content? That means you won’t get it anywhere else. Just sayin’


  • Pretalk setup
  • Specific Induction that prepares the client on multiple levels
  • Core technique that will get the job done guaranteed
  • A finisher technique that will test and integrate the changes for life.

Pretty amazing if you ask me!

That is not all, though!

I wanted to go beyond “just another online course”! 

I want to give people more and have a feeling of being in class with me.


  • Special produced instructional videos (No old class footage)
  • Technique follow up’s
  • Demo’s on every technique
  • Full session videos
  • Everything is also subtitled (English)
  • Full Manual
  • Practice groups and contact details
  • “In Course” discussion forum for personal scheduling of practice sessions.
  • BONUS videos (Webinars, and recording of Live Events with in-depth talks on the topic)

That is pretty awesome!

The special offer ended a few days ago, but I’m overwhelmed with how many people still reach out for an exclusive discount because they heard from colleagues that these techniques a genuinely awesome!


Let us have fun this weekend, and let’s extend a special offer for the ENTIRE weekend (Pacific time) – Which means that Europeans have it until 9 am Monday. They’re soo lucky.

Both Protocols are set to a listing price of $797 each! Cheap, considering they are full session protocols.

Get BOTH this weekend for just $247 – everything included.

And when you get BOTH this weekend, you will get access to participate in our two Performance Enhancement Protocol Live Events Online.

September 3rd – In-Depth Content Live Interactive Webinar (Value $97)

September 17th – Live Online Q & A (Value $97)

So this is how it looks!

Performance Enhancement Protocol $797

Instant Emotional Relief $797

Online Live Event #1 $97

Online Live Event #2 $97

TOTAL $1788



Sunday Midnight Las Vegas time, the price WILL go back to the original price again.

This is the link to your special deal:

Read more about the protocols here: http://bit.ly/castorbundle



Have a GREAT weekend

Martin Castor