Bundle avaliable – ONLY this weekend

Even tricky times are good for something!

For many people, the most of 2020 has been difficult. 

All my travel plans, conferences, shows, and talks worldwide were put to a complete stop due to travel restrictions.

Instead of being passive or attend the stress that many people surrounded them with, I focused on a different approach.

I was supposed to give a few talks this summer on Performance Enhancement and how to instantly relieve Negative emotions.

It was only meant to be a small workshop and a talk.

Since I had a lot more time and started to dive into my archives, notes, and researching, I caught myself creating way more than just some ideas for a few talks.

I got hooked, hooked on previous results and insights. And I used all that material for brand new content.

Content that I have tested with amazing results.

This was the birth of two brand new and game-changing protocols that has everything included. And yes, I mean EVERYTHING!

And by the way, did I say that all of it is brand new content? That means you won’t get it anywhere else. Just sayin’


  • Pretalk setup
  • Specific Induction that prepares the client on multiple levels
  • Core technique that will get the job done guaranteed
  • A finisher technique that will test and integrate the changes for life.

Pretty amazing if you ask me!

That is not all, though!

I wanted to go beyond “just another online course”! 

I want to give people more and have a feeling of being in class with me.


  • Special produced instructional videos (No old class footage)
  • Technique follow up’s
  • Demo’s on every technique
  • Full session videos
  • Everything is also subtitled (English)
  • Full Manual
  • Practice groups and contact details
  • “In Course” discussion forum for personal scheduling of practice sessions.
  • BONUS videos (Webinars, and recording of Live Events with in-depth talks on the topic)

That is pretty awesome!

The special offer ended a few days ago, but I’m overwhelmed with how many people still reach out for an exclusive discount because they heard from colleagues that these techniques a genuinely awesome!


Let us have fun this weekend, and let’s extend a special offer for the ENTIRE weekend (Pacific time) – Which means that Europeans have it until 9 am Monday. They’re soo lucky.

Both Protocols are set to a listing price of $797 each! Cheap, considering they are full session protocols.

Get BOTH this weekend for just $247 – everything included.

And when you get BOTH this weekend, you will get access to participate in our two Performance Enhancement Protocol Live Events Online.

September 3rd – In-Depth Content Live Interactive Webinar (Value $97)

September 17th – Live Online Q & A (Value $97)

So this is how it looks!

Performance Enhancement Protocol $797

Instant Emotional Relief $797

Online Live Event #1 $97

Online Live Event #2 $97

TOTAL $1788



Sunday Midnight Las Vegas time, the price WILL go back to the original price again.

This is the link to your special deal:

Read more about the protocols here: http://bit.ly/castorbundle



Have a GREAT weekend

Martin Castor