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What if there was a hypnotherapy and conversational technique that would shift behavior and help to let go of addictions?
One that would change the client for the better instantly!

Smoking - Drinking  - Sweets - Emotional - Alchohol - Drugs, and more...

a one-for-all method that covers everything that's behavior and addiction based.

Get successful results with clients that most therapists would be struggling with.

We all know that feeling. What if what I do for my client is insufficient?
What if it is complicated? And how many sessions do they need?

Many people are spending a lot of time finding the best method for something that can only be used in a tiny niche. A search that never ends.

I have dismantled what's already out there and removed all nonsense and fake make-believe.

I was getting down to the core of what lies beneath major addictions and accompanying behaviors. What I found was a simple structure and pattern that made me think: "Of course this is it...!."  Then I reconstructed a pattern and system that will cover most clients' most significant issues today. 

And a fantastic model that would apply to a brand new revolutionizing group of ABM Practitioners. Maybe you want to take part and revolutionize the world of therapy with me?

Addictions are just misinterpreted messages with a higher positive intention!

Addictions are often the "bad guy" in many situations or the main excuse for not getting results or success with a behavioral change.

For decades we've got the idea that if the addiction is severe enough, that it will take time and a lot of effort to break it.

The truth is, that YES! It takes stamina but done right; then, hypnosis will optimize that.

It is NOT complicated despite what you think. Addiction and whatever it may contain in an individual case is a spiderweb of thoughts and behavioral patterns running on automatic and being empowered when trying to fight it or giving it negative attention.

We need to clean up those automated systems by diving deep into the most inner desires first, to naturally and automatically untangle and correct the patterns connected to it.

By diverting the focus and energy to a positive, you alter the behavior and thoughts that run the addiction. Now, it uses all its power towards a positive direction, with a "no turning back" guarantee to the old behavior.

What do my students say?

Here's What yOu Get With THIS COURSE PACKAGE

Yes, this is a complete tool-in-a-box package. A package that will ensure that you can facilitate this technique as a professional practitioner and have the confidence to perform it. Everything you will receive is a unique developed package that you will only find through The Hypno Academy & Martin Castor.


You will get a full manual that will take you through all the details and processes step by step. It will give you everything you need to perform a full session. The manual has a complete outline and a lot of background knowledge too.


We have produced individual video demos of every technique and a full session demo also. To show you flow and continuity. We want you to feel confident. All of it is recorded to follow every detail from the manual.

COmplete session outline

One of the most common things in courses is understanding the final session outline. Because of our Brain Accelerated Learning style, we have made sure you will appreciate it fully and that it even will feel easy to complete. 


Intense and exclusive video package! A complete collection of instructional videos to guide and teach you. All made in a way so everyone can follow, despite any present level. We love turning detailed knowledge into understandable and straightforward wisdom.


We are here for you! You will get access to a student and comment forum where everyone can communicate, share experiences, and even set up practice sessions. That is the power of good development. Exercising as a Pro will make you a top 5% practitioner.


Martin Castor is not "just" teaching you the basics. One of his actual advantages is that he can comfortably push you to gain more than expected. He will share ideas and methods to be more confident and trust the content and yourself even more.


This is a hybrid training! And what does that mean? It is a combo of prerecorded content, specific demo videos, live events, and more. It stretched longer than a live class, to ensure the success of the students. Therefore we offer real Live Online events and Q & A sessions for in-person experience with Martin Castor.


As we represent multiple of the world's best and foremost expert organizations, we aim for a professional level for our exam. Don't worry. We have made it so that it is our responsibility that you will become certified and go beyond the required standards. That is a thing we do very well with our students.

Negative behavior is a glitch in your matrix. We can decode and reset it for positive purposes only.

If you ever tried to attach or change behavior directly during a session or told the client what to do and what not to do. I doubt that you had any good or long-lasting results when the therapy ended.

That is a total NO GO from here.

Instead, we separate intention from behavior to create a natural change process. One that will happen almost instantly, and one that will go beyond what the client was hoping for.

When the client discovers their true self and cleans up those inner communication paths, they will be overwhelmed by how much positive power and focus they have. A focus that will secure them for a long time while developing their new lives while riding the wave of positivity.

what's Included in the PACKAGE?

These are the primary tools and techniques that frames this technique and method. To give you an overview, we have collected them all with brief detailed information.


To create long-lasting and instant impacts on negative addictions and addiction that has gotten out of hand. It is essential to understand the addiction's underlying psychology and internal process to change and switch it into a positive one.


Behavior patterns are automated systems within ourselves that run on autopilot. Still, where the initial command from the higher positive intention behind it is easy to hack, the behavior becomes unwanted. We can change behavior with a unique tool designed for ABM.


As part of my latest tendency, I want to utilize everything within a session to get the best result possible. An induction is an induction. In this case, I've designed it to make changes and find resources from the beginning of the session. Trance will be a natural byproduct of this.


I've made it easy and created a brilliant shortcut to communicating with the sub and unconscious mind. To ensure access to the core positive intention behind the "problem". We need to separate intention from behavior to make a real impact.


Earlier in 2020, I've released the Instant Emotional Release protocol, and this tool is one of the core elements that fit perfectly into this model. The IER was initially designed for the ABM but was released as a solo technique because of its tremendous power.


In any addiction and behavior, there is a hidden cause. Something that might be minor traumas or long term psychological influence. Deep inside in our minds, we know all of this, but at the same time, we are very protective of it. This techniques is a smooth way of uncovering it, and integrate the inner child and synchronize.


The last step in the therapy process is something we all have deep inside in our minds or connection. Maybe it's connected to intuition or deep common sense. I call it "The Truth Of The Self." This is where our "all-knowing" is - and this tool will give the client continuous access to it.


We must know the limits to techniques like this and how to stay within the field of therapy. We are not doctors, and there are no promised guarantees. Ethics is your way of protecting yourself and your clients.


I've added a small but brilliant manifestation technique. Your clients will be able to utilize it in multiple situations, and one that will power them up when low on belief and energy.

Have you ever noticed the privilege of being a therapist who sits in the first row, as a spectator of the client's amazing change? Live and authentic!
The change lies within the client, and you have the key to connect them.


Martin Castor

  • Five-time Award Winning Hypnosis Instructor.
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Amazon Best Selling Author
  • TedX Speaker
  • International Trainer & Performer
  • Founder of The Hypno Academy Las Vegas & in Europe
  • Founder of Mastery Through Passion
  • Boardmember of ACHE, ISAHt & ICBCH
  • And generally, an inspiring, motivating, and fun individual who loves his job 🙂

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April 25th 2021
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We want to make sure both you and we follow the standards of good ethics and quality. Therefore we have put together an online exam, where we make sure you know everything you need to become certified. Online process, all based on everything you have access to.



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