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Practical info

Duration: 3 days and Online
Regular price: $997
Certification: ISAHt
Requirements: ZenZero Practitioner

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ZenZero Meditation & Self Hypnosis Trainer

This is a complete package including the two day ZenZero Self Hypnosis Training, and then a two day ZenZero Instructor certification.

ZenZero is maybe on of the easiest techniques to teach clients self hypnosis, or guide clients as a extra tool, and even rung large groups for meditation sessions.

It includes several release techniques, ways to guide, understandning of hypnosis, structures and setup.
As a ZenZero Instructor, you can teach clients and groups how to use ZenZero Self hypnosis on themselves.

You can not certify others.

The one method that is more efficient, powerful and easier than Mindfulness.

Do you want to learn this?

  • Powerful self meditation that works long term?.
  • Real release techniques?.
  • Power mindsets in minutes?.
  • Goal setting for a positive future?.

Så er det absolut en metode der tilgodeser alle brugere, men kan give endnu mere end bare meditation. Samtidigt er det nemt at lære, og giver dig mange muligheder for at bruge det i din hverdag, arbejde eller nye retning i livet.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Theory
  • Demo's

P.O.C Induction technique.
How to create a positive manifest.
How to change negative thoughts to positive ressources.
The +/- formula
The Sedona immediate release technique
ZenZero introduction
ZenZero Trigger effect
The Self Hypnosis Key
Working with themes and groups

How to teach the ZenZero experience
How to demo the technique
How to coach through a process
How to guide groups
How to interact with abreactions
How to build safety
Quality control and more…

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