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We are planning first trainings in 2018, and only people with a SoulKey Basic & Master SoulKey can apply.

Practical info

Duration: 10 days  + online
Regular price: $3997
Certification: ISAHt & IHF
Requirements: Master & Basis SoulKey Training + interview

Our Catalogue

See our full list of Trainings and Courses in a PDF file here.


SoulKey Basic Trainer

This is a specialized Train the Trainer, that only a few people will be allowed to access.
We dont want to many SoulKey Trainers, and we want to maintain a very high level of quality. We only want Trainers who really want SoulKey.

This trainings is devided up in several segments. Assistant Training, presentation & content, and facilitating your own first Training with our Master Trainer as supervisor. That training is your exam, you are the one setting it up, and there must be at least 8 people in the class. This is to cover the costs of the supervisor plus your own expenses.

The Hypnosis Academy are the only Academy in the world who can teach this amazing tool og Train The Trainer level.

Do you want to learn this?

  • Become a spiritual hypnosis pioneer?.
  • Powerful efficient tools for PLR & LBL?.
  • Motivate and inspire clients to change their lives for the better?.
  • Full support during your own development?.

Train The Trainer is a full Master Training, and we will train you individually. Therefore there is no class, but a mentorship. Please contact us for further details.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Presentation
  • Theory
  • Demo's


• Assistant work on one of our basic trainings

• Personal training from our Master Trainer

• Personal supervision

• Complete training system with support from ISAHt

• Full support as a trainer from

• A guarantee for follow up training

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Der er løbende opstart på denne instruktøruddannelse, da det er mesterlære samt assistent undervisning på vores hold.
Efter en samtale kan du starte op efter aftale med os.