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Duration: 2 – 3 days
Regular Price: $799
Certification: Yes
Requirements: None

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Sitha Healing

Sitha is without any doubt a very powerful healing, that goes beyond other known techniques.
Some might know it from SoulKey Therapy, where Sitka is connected to the soul.

WHY is SITHA so revolutionary? It is very simple.
NO HEALING works as fast as SITHA.
NO HEALING comes so pure and uncoded as SITHA.
NO HEALING boosts your intuition like SITHA.
YES, Sitha is uncomplicated, modern and still pure from the source.
YES, you can use SITHA solo and as add-on for other sessions.

Imagine to be able to do this, “hands-on” with a client. Here’s the good news.. It’s possible.

The amazing part is that evryone can do this. No matter what background or experience, if theyre spiritual or not – SITHA still works.

Sitha comes with a Level 1 and a Level 2.

Do you want to be able to do this?

  • Heal others through your SITHA connection.
  • Develop a strong intuition with the SITHA energy.
  • Learn to adjust yourself to optimal balance.
  • Connect with your personal SITHA guide.
  • Learn how to use the powerful SITHA cards.
  • Learn how to control energy on a physical level.
  • Learn to channel messages directly from the source.

There will be a lot of practise on this course. Here is some of them:
1: Open and calibrate your intuition with the SITHA energy.
2: Integration and communication with other entities and souls..
3: Channel the SITHA energy.
4: Group healings.
6: Telepathy.
7: Fast SITHA channeling.
8: Sitting SITHA healing (Level 1).
9: Vertical SITHA healing (Level 2).
10: Energy Push.
11: Messages from the source.
12: Complete sessions.


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