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Practical info

Duration: 3 days + Online
Regular price: $1197
Certification: ISAHt
Requirements: Hypnosis certification or stage experience

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Show Hypnotist Training

Not only will you learn from one of Europe’s top hypnotists, your education will take place on a great venue. And you’ll get your own professional and personalized DVD showing your skills in the best light possible so you can immediately begin earning extra income from the secrets, tips and techniques you learn.

Whether you want to perform for a local community event, at festivals, for deep-pocked corporate clients or even on the Las Vegas strip, THIS training is your valuable ticket to success you never dreamed of.

Think about it: If you want top-tier skills for a professional career, you should learn from the best. This is high-level training that sets the standard for your future success, so why would you miss it?

Why learn the skills of a stage hypnotist?
It doesn’t matter if you’re currently a hypnotherapist, a coach, an NLP practitioner or none of the above. The skills you learn in this stage hypnotist training program will immediately add to your enjoyment of life, helping you work better with clients and allowing you to have some serious fun with your friends and colleagues.

When you complete this course, you will gain a huge increase in your self-confidence and your stage presence — and you’ll be able to do things on stage that you never dreamed of before. Instant or rapid inductions and the confidence they bring to those who can perform them elevate you to the next level of your art.

Discover your true potential with Martin’s down-to-earth, fun and compelling style — and learn to become a powerful, dynamic and entertaining performer yourself.

Do you want to learn this?

  • Insights from a REAL Las Vegas Hypnotist?.
  • Teachings from one of the most successful European hypnotists?.
  • Skills from a teacher that have hypnotized more than 150.00 people worldwide.?.

The skills you learn in this program will also allow you to make different choices in your life — whether that means choosing to follow a career as a prosperous and entertaining stage hypnotist or allowing you to charge more for your services because you’re better and more qualified. When you raise your skill level, your fees, your value as a hypnotist and your status in the field rise accordingly.

There’s no doubt that you can become a professional show hypnotist when you participate in this innovative training program. Just imagine what it would be like to have the skills and charisma of a professionally trained show hypnotist. Now, stop imagining and take action.

Go to: www.martincastor.comfor more videos and info.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Theory

The basics of hypnosis.

Learn what hypnosis is — and more importantly, what it isn’t.

How to perform amazing speed inductions. Just like in the best shows you’ve ever seen, you’ll be performing your first speed induction within the first couple of hours of training.

Secrets other trainers won’t tell you. This includes details on how to put anyone into a deep trance instantly. How to put large groups into a hypnotic trance. This is key in a stage show, and it makes the group induction part of the entertainment too.

Quick and effective methods to get people on stage. After all, you have to keep the show moving to keep it entertaining.

How to develop your own personal style on stage. Find your trademark or specialties, and build up confidence so you’ll always trust that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Secrets to recognizing the best volunteers. The people on stage are the ones who set the standard for your show, so you need to know how to choose the best ones from what you have to work with.

That less is more. Don’t aim too high. Even small and simple routines can be funny and effective at entertaining your audience.

How to create the best intro for your show. Get off to a good start and determine if the crowd is with you or against you. Then, you can manage them from there.

How to introduce hypnosis and overcome people’s misconceptions. Convert any disbelief, misconceptions or unwillingness into trust and even a desire to be hypnotized.

How to deal with failures and stay in control. Handling this well will make your powers seem even more powerful.

About laws, ethics and how to have a safe show without getting sued. Safety always come first, especially since every action will be studied by the audience and some people are looking for trouble.

About show hypnosis as a business. You need to know promotion, setup, hypnotic skills, show ingredients and how to be a hypnotist 24 hours a day.

How to combine drama and comedy. That will help you make EVERY show a success, even if some things don’t go smoothly.

How to overcome distractions. Hecklers, interruptions, unwilling people and more are distractions you can avoid and overcome.

Some of the funniest show hypnosis routines. You will have practiced enough at some point and it will be time for a show!

How to develop your own routines. Create your own style with success and wow audiences like no other performer.

How to improvise. Improvisation is important for success, allowing you to incorporate anything that happens into the show and stay in control.

How to market yourself. Be seen, advertise, use YouTube effectively and more. We’ll cover it all.

How to find “free” venues and sponsored events easily. Clubs, theatres, bars and cruise ships all offer opportunities for you, even if you’re just starting out.

How to find an agent and booking company. Find someone to represent you so you can focus on the show.

How to use music, sound effects and props. You can do a show with nothing but yourself, but you can give people the best experience ever if you incorporate gimmicks, music and more.

How to start with NOTHING. That’s important even though you’ll have something really important — skills! — when you complete this training.

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We are setting up new dates at the moment. Are you curious, or do you want a training near you – let us know.