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Practical info

Duration: 3 days + Online
Regular Price: $1297
Certification: ISAHt
Requirements: Basic Show Hypnotist Training

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Master Basis Showhypnotisør

Do you want to take your succes further than just the stage? Then this it what you’re looking for. Get all you need to be 100% professionel and sharp.

You need basic show hypnotist training to be able to participate in this one.
And you need to be able to master the stage, before you will benefit from this training too.
With Master Show Hypnotist, anywhere can be your stage.

With these tools you can perform streethypnosis in small groups, where the whole “game” of hypnosis will be quite different from big audiences and stages.
You have less minutes, less subjects, and need to be super fast.

Martin Castor is one of the most experienced stage and street hypnotists in Scandinavia, and was the first Dane to headline in a Vegas show.

Do you want to learn this?

  • Do YOU want more than just “stageshows”?
  • Teaching by a REAL Las Vegas & World Hypnotist?.
  • Teaching by one of the most experienced people in Scandinavia?.
  • The teacher has hypnotized more than 150.000 people.?.
  • Pay for this training by doing just 1-2 shows?.
  • Wanna add skills to your clinic work too?.

På gaden, i den lille forsamling, ved små events m.m. så skal du være anderledes autoritær, og bygge dine induktioner op på en anden effektiv, og tidsbegrænset måde.

Her lærer du at benytte de gruppedynamikker der er, fællesskabet eller outsideren i gruppen, drage fordel af gruppens komiker eller spradebasse.

Se mere på f.eks. – hvor der er masser af videoer til inspiration.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Theory


Easy and simple ways of standing trance.

Standing deepeners.

Recognize the best subjects in a group fast.

Entertaining and safe acts.

Audience control.

Foolproof convincers and power demo’s.

Mix any genre.

Sharpness, authority and power.

Find your own unique style as a hypnotist.

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