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We are planning first trainings in 2018, and only people with a SoulKey Basic & Master SoulKey can apply.

Practical info

Duration: 12 days + online
Regular price: $4997
Certification: ISAHt
Requirements: Interview + Master Hypnotherapist Certification.

Our Catalogue

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ISAHt Certified Hypnosis Trainer

We are proud to be the only Academy that offers a full ISAHt certified Hypnosis Train The Trainer.
Very unique, with modern scriptless hypnosis that really makes a difference. Build upon the ideas and philosophy from Castorian Hypnosis.

If you really want this certification and training, we need an interview first. We dont just accept everyone as trainers – we want the best to become even better. If you do not have much hypnosis experience yet, we will recommend our Basic Trainings and Master Hypnotherapist.

We require that all upcoming Trainers have great experience with hypnosis and clients. We will teach you the rest.

Most powerful Train The Trainer in the World.

Do you want to learn this?

  • Be a leading character within the field of hypnosis?.
  • Work with powerful and modern tools?.
  • Motivate clients and students to positive change?.
  • Have full support during the training & AFTER?.

We plan 1 Train The Trainer every year, in a new country every time.
Contact us for further details.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Presentation
  • Theory
  • Demo's


• Assistant work on a Basic Training of ours

• Personal training from our Master Trainer

• Personal supervision

• Complete training system with support from ISAHt

• Full support as a trainer from

• A guarantee for follow up training

• Garanti for løbende uddannelse som instruktør assistent

• Garanti for et maks antal ISAHt instruktører i Danmark for at sikre kvalitet

Næste hold:

Der er løbende opstart på denne instruktøruddannelse, da det er mesterlære samt assistent undervisning på vores hold.
Efter en samtale kan du starte op efter aftale med os.