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Duration: 3-4 days + Online
Regular price: $1697
Certification: ISAHt, IHF
Requirements: None

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Certified Basic SoulKey Therapist

Advanced Past Life regression wich is way more than just a trip back in time.

Soul Key is without doubt the strongest and most advanced tool for soul development, insights and understanding. Through PLR and trauma releases, life between lives, healing and soul communication you will understand the purpose with life and who you chose this life.

You will easily work on intuitive and on soul level, healing your body, mind and soul. Integrate your wisdom and knowledge with your current life and the future.

SoulKey er den ultimative oplevelse når det kommer til indsigt og forståelse af livet. Uanset hvad klienten tror på eller har af overbevisninger – så er der altid resultater. Mange som er livsændrende for den enkelte.

The most powerful spiritual hypnosis tool available right now.

Do you want to learn this?

  • Your first 2-4 clients will cover this training!.
  • Professional and advanced PLR & LBL?.
  • You don’t need hypnosis training to attend?.
  • Want all in one package?.

The Key to this unique technique, is that we work frem a special designed “base”. A place where you feel at hose as a soul, a place that is in between dimensions and where you can access everything. Where you might stumble upon challenges or limitations in other common techniques, Soul Key is a guarantee for the answers you need now, and a guarantee that you can find the answers to unlock any closed doors on your spiritual path.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Theory


* Trauma release
* Untangle karmic limitations
* Finding your mission in life
* Recall hidden and forgotten skills & knowledge
* Working with relevant past lives
* Find useful experiences and evidence from past lives
* Clarify soul agreements and relationships

* Reconnect with your soul consciousness
* Understanding life’s purpose, and why you chose it
* Spiritual upgrade and purpose
* Structure of soul groups
* Spiritual guidance
* Insight into the soul’s origin and purpose

* Physical and mental liberation
* Physical and mental healing & optimization
* Intuitive control opening and control
* Initialization of your own healing force
* Opening of spiritual communication and skills
* Meet with counselors and helpers
* Soul contact on multiple levels

As the only training facility in the world, we can offer certification through ISAHt and IHF, as a guarantee for a professional training with high standards and ethics. Our Master trainer has even received IHF’s Award of Excellence for best International Education.