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Practical info

Duration: 5 days+ Online
Regular price: $3497
Certification: ISAHt, IHF
Requirements: None

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The ultimate hypnotist and hypnotherapist Masterclass training.

Our MasterClass is a hypnotist & hypnotherapist combo, with a lot of script less, conversational, Castorian and power hypnosis for all uses with clients. Everything you need to get started, og get into depth if you already have some training.

This is beyond any other regular basic hypnosis class.

As a hypnotist you will learn everything there is with hypnosis and trance to do. How to hypnotize, immerses, trance levels and how to induce.

As a hypnotist can work with clients, provide positive suggestions, working with everyday issues and traumas, phobias, addictions mm Light hypnosis work, not necessarily redeeming in depth. A large proportion of those who call themselves hypnotherapists work only with those parts of the hypnosis. A shame because the results could be so much better.

This can be a triple certification training

Do you want to learn this?

* Perform lasting positive results in just a few sessions!
* Work with genuine modern hypnosis!
* Learn modern and “mindbending” language and communication!
* Know all you need is to be a professional certified hypnotherapist!
* Do everything with natural flow without by limiting scripts!

So you will work in depth with things and create lasting and life-changing results, then it is our hypnotherapy part you should look into. As a hypnotist can be a great deal, and the whole doctrine of the brain and hypnosis are the foundations of your future professional career.

Additionally, you will learn a great deal about trance recognition.

CERTIFIED hypnotherapist

With this part, you will be able to help anyone who asks for help. With the latest on the most effective techniques you can get as a professional. Will will teach you to listen and structure optimally, taking full advantage of your client’s potential no matter what the challenge may be.

You will learn to use “power words” effectively, and how to use them and against his client as strongest kommunikation.Sat along with content from hypnotist portion, then you’re already several steps ahead of any competitor and colleague.

Breakdown of content

  • Hands on
  • Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Theory
  • Live Demo


* Hypnosis history
* Mind rules
* The unconscious
* The Law of suggestion
* Metaphors
* The Induction Formula
* Base induction technique
* Basic interview techniques
* Immersion Technique
* How the brain works
* Trance recognition
* Trance levels
* Report / unloading
* POC induction technique
* Positive programming
* Reframing
* Session Structure
* Hypnotic flow – NO scripts
* Power Words and how to listen
* Advanced interview technique and mindbending language.
* Advanced induction techniques
* Advanced fordybere
* Advanced positive programming
* The 5 ultimate redemption techniques
* Advanced use of anchors and “triggers”
* Power Words, internal and external dialogue
* Body language
* Drømmejeg’s technique
* Quick trauma and phobia redemption
* Progression
* Part Therapy, modern version
* Pain Control
* Control Technology
* The Hypnotic Bridge

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We are setting up new dates at the moment. Are you curious, or do you want a training near you – let us know.